• Long and Hard

    ◊ I’ve been working on more than one much longer stories, and haven’t given myself the time for something quick and dirty. This did the trick. That photograph is just…*sigh* – X   She pretended to be asleep when he walked into the bedroom. He got in the shower and she heard the way he… Continue Reading

  • Touch

    Touch ♦♦ By Ximena     She sat down, needlessly hugging her purse to her body. He took a deep drink of scotch and sighed. “I’m not one for hemming and hawing.” “Uh…excuse me?” “I don’t do small talk. Not in the conventional sense, at least.” “Oh. Right.” She put her purse on the table.… Continue Reading

  • Dancing

    Dancing Erotica by William Crimson You know the truism, right? Don’t tell a woman she’s hot as hell when she’s mad as hell. But, Christ, you turned me on; and you were angrier than a thirsty hornet. Hell, I don’t even remember what the fight was about. In fact, I don’t think it mattered. Whatever… Continue Reading

  • On the Art of Erotica · The Wages of Sin

    The Wages of Sin by Remittance Girl Remittance Girl’s oft repeated belief that erotic literature should come with consequences has always struck a chord with me. I asked if she would write a post explaining her thoughts and the following is the result. Thank you, RG. ~ William Crimson We live in a culture that… Continue Reading

  • The un-Tentacular Date

    The un-Tentacular Date HOME/Dear Prudy: Advice on manners and morals. In a live chat, Prudy advises a woman whose cute date just can’t stay focused.   By Willow Rouge|Posted Tuesday, June 6, 2013, at 2:30 PM Willow Rouge, aka Dear Prudy, is on Eroticwriter.com weekly to chat live with readers. An edited transcript of the… Continue Reading