• Funny you should write that. One of the major Japanese verse forms, from which haiku evolved, was Renga. This was a “long” poem in which several poets would alternate. It went like this:


      The numbers represent the Japanese syllable count and the slash is a line break. In Basho’s time, a renga usually amounted to 36 verses and was called a kasen. The opening 5-7-5 verse was called a hokku. The hokku eventually became the stand-alone haiku in part, perhaps, because poets would often write their hokku ahead of time (before arriving at the Renga party) and began to think of the hokku as a poem in and of itself.

      All this is a way of saying: If I could find some other haiku writers – Raziel? – we would finish this Senryu. Maybe it would end at sunrise? :-)

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