Erotic Editors: Two Calls for Submission from Burning Book Press

I’m pleased to be Co-editor on two upcoming anthologies from Burning Book Press.

First, edited by Remittance Girl, Aisling Weaver, and Raziel Moore, is Written On Skin: An Anthology of Etched Desire. From the call, we’re looking for:

Stories that contain body modification as a central element in the story (tattoos, branding, scarification, piercing, etc. but not plastic surgery or body-building). We’ll consider incidental scars only if they attain specific erotic meaning as part of the story.

This is primarily an erotic fiction anthology, so we do want a large helping of sexual desire in the mix, but explicit sex is not absolutely necessary if the eroticism is successfully conveyed through the process or the contemplation of some type of body modification. That being said, the aim of the anthology is to invite the reader to contemplate the eroticism of the subject. Stories of extreme body modification that fail to offer the non-fetishist some insight into the allure of it are less likely to be considered.

Deadline for Written On Skin is June 21, 2013

Second, edited by Will Crimson and Razeil Moore, is Best Men’s Erotica 2014.

This collection will be selected and edited by Raziel Moore and William Crimson (@_Monocle, We’re looking for fictional stories that realistically address male sexuality. The concept of the Male Gaze has dealt extensively with the sexualization and objectification of women. It has also buttonholed, objectified, and ‘predatorized’ male sexuality. BME hopes to demonstrate a broader, more realistic, and human spectrum.

Character, story, and situation are open. Be literate and erotic. Our common orientation is heterosexual, but bi/pan/tran/homosexual stories are welcome and encouraged. If it can turn on or erotically resonate with someone who’s not a dyed in the wool homophobe, we’re interested. The primary focus of the sexual action is the male experience, male sexuality including but not limited to pleasure, is the main element. Style, humor, and intensity are all open; and happy endings are not required.

Deadline for Best Men’s Erotica 2014 is August 1st, 2013

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