NaPoWriMo Ends (Raz)

Last pair. The vry last isn’t very erotic, but is included for completeness. –M


(29) Text of Contact

So many textures
I could list them
tell you each place
I want to touch

Read you with
nerve endings
of fingertips
tongue, cock

is its own text
worth more
than words


(30) Flashback

I used to walk
down the middle
of quiet city streets
at 2am.

Not because
I was looking
for something

But because I was tired
from my fruitless search
of that day

Sitting in the park
on a sculpture
moon blurred
by overcast

I remember wondering
how I would look
back on myself

Whether I’d laugh
or shake my head
at callow youth

Or whether
I’d miss this solitude
and silence
and search

Turns out
I was right
on all counts

Latest Comments

  1. dragon says:

    They were both enjoyable, but the second spoke to me more than the first. Completeness is good. *warm smile* NaPoWriMo has been delightful.

  2. Cammies on the floor says:

    As always, love the words that trickle down.

  3. paul1510 says:

    I’ve enjoyed the poetry that you have shared.
    The first one speaks to me, the second one, I don’t think that I can remember that far back.

  4. myrosegarden84 says:

    I’ve enjoyed poetry month, I didn’t think I would. I particularly like the first one here, but both seem very thoughtful to me.

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