• Daydreams & Distractions ☼ IM’ing

    IM’ing A Daydream & Distraction for Redbud The Waiting Patient commented that she missed my shorter stories. I had some time today so this is for you Waiting Patient. An afternoon sun lights the countertop. A little slips over the edge and casts a bright streak across the white tile floor. The windows are open.… Continue Reading

  • Identity

    I’m not just a warm hole. I want to feel, know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you wanted to fuck me, not the idea of me. That you jacked off thinking about doing things to me, and having me do things to you before you found the courage to tell me so. Me,… Continue Reading

  • Context of Chaos

    I can reach that stage of blissful annihilation any time I want, and it feels good Who are we kidding? It feels fucking great That peak of pleasure, that oblivion of sense The descent into chaos At that moment, it makes no difference that I’m by myself or that I’m with you or another or… Continue Reading

  • flames

    川柳 an erotic senryu by Redbud · denying she’s kissed a boy — her marshmallow ··········in flames · ·

  • 川柳 · nightfall

    川柳 an erotic senryu by Redbud · · nightfall — slipping from her belly button down and ·····················between · ·

  • 川柳 · May

    川柳 an erotic Haiku by Redbud · · her dandelion-colored knees — my orgasm unexpectedly ········inside her · ·