NaPoWriMo Week 4 (Raz)


(22) Tactile Image

You can build a picture
with your mind’s eye
but what do you call it when
you build a sense-image
of tactility?

Instead of colors and shapes
forming in my mind
I have textures, wet and smooth
and temperatures, warm and hot
and pressures

Instead of seeing my hand
slide down your tummy
to curl my middle finger
into your cunt
I feel it.


(23) Visual Reference

Then there was the time she
took my hips
—-guided me out
———-cupped her hands
————looked up at me
said she wanted to see
close up
—-just what
—————–happens inside her
————when I come.


(24) rock

When your lips
move against mine
because my hips
have struck home


(25) amuse-gueule

Whispers that make
you hesitate
before nodding.

Your trepidation
is so tasty.


(26) Hush

Please don’t cry
I hate the sight of tears
I haven’t caused


(27) Fugue

When I can’t tell————–When I get there
which thoughts are mine—————I can’t know it———–
who is in who————–but I can live
It’s all I want—————with irony
——to be lost in—————just not without


(28) The True Purpose of Twitter

All we ever want
when we cry into the void
is an answer

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