Alien Earth • 3

  • Another extract for the benefit of readers who may be curious and interested in purchasing a first installment when it becomes available.

…Her Uncle opened the left door and Tamora followed him, squinting, into the street where a rickshaw waited. Men and women, children, head scarves, animals, machinery, noises, sun and smells wighted the air. A gust pressed Tamora’s dress to her breasts and legs. The man waiting by the rickshaw so startled Tamora that she forgot her Uncle’s impatience. She stared. He was Alienish with pointed ears. He was blue, or painted blue, and hints of the magical tattoos glittered on his body like pieces of tinsel, beneath and above the blue skin. The tattoos shimmered, appearing and disappearing with his movements. His hair was pulled back and tied into twisted braids that ended at the small of his back. He was naked. His penis hung down, long and uncircumcised. A beaded string around his waist held a pouch at his back. He was wiry, young and muscular. He smiled and stood straight when he saw her staring. His cock thickened and lengthened. He turned to Tamora’s Uncle and spoke quickly, speaking Pashtanian.

“He’s asking if you’re my Gisha.”


“Yes, my servant. He wants to know if you’re my servant – my Gisha.”

“No!” She shook her head.

The blue man’s penis rose until it stood horizontally. Tamora quickly glanced at her Uncle when he spoke again. “He says he will be quick.”


“Yes, he will be quick with you.”


“Instead of dollars…”

Latest Comments

  1. oldwyseguy says:

    I am a great fan of alien erotica. This story is as good as any of the familiar autors work I have paid for and read. This is excellent. You have incorporated all of the plot and character attributes that make an alien erotic story enjoyable to me: reasonable plot, believable characters, and creative erotica.

    Great story!

    • willcrimson says:

      Thanks Oldwyseguy, all those qualities you’ve listed are very important to me too (and your observation is exactly the kind that matters). This is the direction I’d like to sustain. Thank you so much.

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