Alien Earth • 2

Alien Earth • 2 

  • A short preview, or extract, for the benefit of readers who may be curious and interested in purchasing a first installment when it becomes available.

“…you should be frightened. Imagine hundreds of thousands of documents, records and files, gone. Gone. Irretrievable. If you are a totalitarian government, this is a catastrophe. This is a stab at the very heart of your existence. Millions of people, whose names you knew, whose lives you could destroy – you knew who they were, where they lived, who they loved – are gone. Vanished. What do you do? How do you find them? How do you control them? Brute force? A man cane be invisible. A man can make himself invulnerable to bullets. A man can read another man’s mind–”
“Or a woman’s–”
“Yes, and of course a woman’s. Everything has changed. You should be frightened, Tamora. They are cornered animals – religions, governments and the madmen who see it all slipping through their fingers. They are desperate to regain what they’ve lost. Another man’s freedom is anathema to them.”


“Yes, America is quite fortunate, but even America is having troubles. How does a country, predicated on the freedom of the individual countenance the tattoo of the Tatuaji? Is the Tatuaji ethical? Two Americas. Two parallel histories. In one, we enslaved a people with guns and chains. In another we enslaved them with the Tatuagi. And what do you do with the Constitutions of two parallel Americas? The second Amendment of one guarantees your right to own a gun. The second Amendment of the other guarantees your right to ‘cast a spell’.”

“Do you?” Her Uncle turned to her. “If the Maji wants to tattoo you, will you agree?”
“I might.”
Tamora’s heart raced. Her Uncle’s hand was on her hip. She turned. He followed her hip upward, the indenture, to her ribs, then to her breast and caught her nipple, beneath her dress, between his thumb and the knuckle of his forefinger. He pinched her nipple heart and she inhaled, eyes wide, rising to her toes. “Do you like that?”

“Let go!”
“Keep your hands down.” He pinched harder and she moaned, shuddering. “Don’t ever talk back to me.”
“I’m sorry!”
|“This isn’t America. Don’t forget what and where you are. Does this remind you?”
“Yes!” she panted.
He pinched harder. She groaned and pressed her bending knees together…

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