NaPoWriMo Week 1 (Raz)

As if writing Invisible Lines wasn’t enough, I was silly enough to try National Poetry Writing Month, which I’ve been doing daily over on Microlensing.  Rather than duplicate them here one by one, I thought I’d gather up a week’s worth of them at a time and present them that way. Some of them are, to quote my Brit friends, shite, but some aren’t half bad for writing under pressure of a daily thing.


(1) Too Far

One millimeter
a million miles
nothing at all and
unbearably far
when skin calls to skin.


(2) Waking Up

Kitchen counter, the
taste of coffee on your lips
Morning’s not so bad.


(3) Simultaneity

Thinking the same thing
at the same time
is almost
like touching.


it’s close enough.


(4) Arachne

Caught in my web
hopelessly entangled
sight stolen by silk
arching toward my teasing touch


you’re still the spider.


(5) Ghost’s Request

Leave a window open for me
I don’t really need it
It’s not like closed entryways or

physical barriers matter

But there is no art
no poetry
no message to
slipping silently through glass
to haunt you
when the creak of a frame
the billow of a curtain
can show you I’m there

If you look and listen
just right.


(6) Blade

———-as blades

When I give you———–
——————my knife

Be careful—————–
——————–I know how sharp it is

Hold it——

And if you decide————–
——————-to return it

————-be gentle


(7) Next Story

I don’t care what implement
you choose to use

Quill pen, razor blade
cane, thorn, paintbrush
icicle, ember, chocolate, needle

Write your next story
on me.

Latest Comments

  1. paul1510 says:

    Raz, I find all of these quite appealing, and what’s more I understand them.

  2. April says:

    I’m not usually into poetry, but I do like these.

  3. Squeaky says:

    Love all of these, some more than others, but I adore the last one. I want to frame it and hang it where I will see it every day.

  4. Harper Eliot says:

    Beautiful. Particularly the third one… “Sometimes. / Sometimes.” I love that.

  5. Deliza Rafferty says:

    I’m not generally a fan of short forms of poetry (haiku, for instance), but I think numbers 3 and 7 are quite lovely.

  6. wordsmithingimp says:

    The last one makes me inexplicably nostalgic and happy.

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