• NaPoWriMo Week 4 (Raz)

    (22) Tactile Image You can build a picture with your mind’s eye but what do you call it when you build a sense-image of tactility? Instead of colors and shapes forming in my mind I have textures, wet and smooth and temperatures, warm and hot and pressures Instead of seeing my hand slide down your tummy… Continue Reading

  • Smile

    ♦ This is more erotic romance than erotica…but it makes for a quick, sweet Sunday read. At least, I hope.    P.S. – For those missing/wanting some f/m sexy goodness from me, it’s coming. – X She woke me from a dead sleep when she laughed so hard at something on TV the bed shook.… Continue Reading

  • Published: Through A Silvered Lens

    I’m pleased to announce the publication of my story collection Through A Silvered Lens at Burning Book Press: Through A Silvered Lens Take a look through Raziel Moore’s Silvered Lens. Look at lust, and love, discovery. A hint of daring. Desire with a sheen of wistfulness. This collection contains twelve erotic stories and flash-fictions of… Continue Reading

  • Nightmares & Visions ♠ Bric-a-Brac

    Bric-a-Brac ♠ a Nightmare and Vision by Redbud I enjoy seeing what erotic artists are up to. There is one new artist, Clavicle, whose surreal and erotic art can be very captivating. I wrote a brief erotic sketch for one of her drawings.  I posted it there. Before posting it here, I slightly changed and… Continue Reading

  • NaPoWriMo Week 3 (Raz)

    (15) Lost & Found Lost Dream-stirred Disturbed Turn to reach to seek comfort in touch to wrap ’round you An exhalation Tension fades as skin calms as skin calls skin Found (16) Mess Lazily trapped between your legs Nudging blindly for the hot dark wet Missing and missing and slipping and slipping Too lethargic the… Continue Reading