‘The Power of Lust’ by Kim theBword Poet

The Power of Lust is by Kim theBword Poet

  • This is another story based on the following prompt: “Write a story about the first time you really felt a man’s cock or a woman’s pussy; when you knew you were hooked; when you knew you couldn’t live without it. Where were you? What position were you in? Was your lover older or younger?” Though we’ve chosen a new writer to join us, any other writers or bloggers are welcome to send us something if the prompt inspires you. Cross posts are welcome. I’ll try to make sure that readers are referred to your work.

White SpacerI can’t remember what we were talking about. I don’t remember what time she arrived. I don’t even remember her face. All I know is that it went from a boring chat between college students to one of my lesbian porno films in 5 seconds.

Before I knew what had happened, I wasn’t sitting in the chair across the room, but I was naked on top of her. I don’t remember how she convinced me to bust out my shyness. I don’t remember kissing her or us taking off our clothes. But I remember the sweet taste of pussy as I put my tongue between a woman’s legs for the first time.

All the same sex escapades I had before didn’t measure up to finally tasting pussy. Her skin was warm under my fingertips and her clit was so sensitive. Every lap of my tongue on it seemed to provoke erotic convulsions out of her. I stuck my fingers in her and moved them all around her insides. It was so hot and moist and it tasted just like her clit. Every time she convulsed her insides would crunch around my hand. I loved the feel of her cumming. The sounds she made as she came. The happiness that not only did I now know that I enjoyed sex with another female, but that I was good at sex with another female.

I can’t remember when we stopped. I don’t remember how we parted. I don’t remember when I got her number or how long we spoke before we met the next night. All the lesbian porn from the internet did no justice – although I felt like I was in a porno when we were together. We spent the night in the basement of her sister’s house – fucking – over and over and over. After breakfast, we  fucked in each room of the house.

I can’t remember how I ended it. I can’t remember how she reacted. I can’t remember how or when I left that school. I only remember how good lesbian sex was. I remember the taste of her pussy. I remember how perfectly hard her tits got as she came on my hand; how sweetly tart those hard knubs tasted in my mouth. I remember the chocolate shade of her skin and how smooth and hot it felt as I ran my hands across it. I don’t want to remember her, but I’ll always want to remember her body as I made it cum.


Two Young Women Kissing Cheeks

The image is by Beathan/Corbis and comes from the website 10,000 Couples – An Online Magazine Celebrating Same Sex Couples Around the World.  Kim, like Deliza Rafferty, is an experienced writer. Visit her site at Kim, theBword Poet and you will discover that she’s an erotic poet, writer, an Online magazine editor and journalist in Cleveland, Ohio. The B in Bword stands for bi-sexual. You can also visit her Online Erotic Magazine, Talent Drips Erotic Literary EZine. I encourage any writer or blogger to check out her EZine.

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