A New Writer

With gratitude to all of our guest writers, we have invited Blue Eyed Gypsy to join us.

Having to choose between writers isn’t a choice I relish. I wish all writers, equally, success and recognition. All three of us — myself, Raziel and Ximena — made the choice.

Our other contributors were:

Jaisen Rose The Suit
Penelope Lake Confessions of a Tree Hugger 
Deliza Rafferty Properly

I want all of these writers to keep writing, to be read, to be successful and to ply me, every so often, with a new story they’d like to post here. I’ve enjoyed reading their stories and, as the comments demonstrate, our readers have too.

Look for stories and poems from Blue Eyed Gypsy here, in the weeks and months to come. I think you’ll like them as much as we do.

Happy Easter!

March 31 2013 : William Crimson

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  1. Aiona

    Congratulations, B.E.G. :) I have to say, I really enjoyed reading everyone’s contributions. And found some really moving writing on some of their websites… things that will stay with me a while.

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