The first time I felt him spurt in me, and shiver. The way men collapse
on you, or melt under you.  That’s power.  And it’s addictive.  Maybe
Plato and Freud were right that we’re always looking for our other half. 
Cuz for that brief moment, I OWN HIM.” ~ Aiona

These few short words are from Aiona, with whom I’ve been exchanging E-Mail. I liked her insight into a woman’s erotic experience — very different and revealing. I also thought that what she wrote fit very nicely with the theme of the stories, so I asked her permission to post it here and got it. I think it speaks to the different ways men and women can claim and take each other.

Latest Comments

  1. Eva St. James says:

    Thank you Will. This is so so so the female experience or mine anyway. Will be looking for Aiona.

  2. Matthew Vett says:

    I guess this is the classicist in me, but I just want to say that the whole “looking for our other half thing” comes from Plato’s Symposium, but the story is told by Aristophanes within it. It’s one of my favorites of Plato’s.

  3. paul1510 says:

    an interesting thought, whether it is healthy is another matter.

    • Aiona says:

      Y’know, Paul, you’re right. Try as I might, I could not think of a single addiction that is healthy. Even an addiction to being “healthy,” if not pathological, is still extremely…boring, and sometimes for others, annoying.

      On another forum of enablers… :) I got into a discussion with someone about the line between addiction and passion. Being in the medical profession, I tend to want to put labels on things. Nowadays for insurance purposes, that can be a problem. But, I guess the consensus in our committee of two was that the line between passion and addiction is if it is hurting you or others in an undesired fashion. In my case, I had a true addiction. Retrospectively, I still believe the world could use lots more passion, even at the risk of some addiction. Apathy is sure death.

  4. vanillamom says:

    I love the thought of this…I guess I never looked at it quite that way. :)


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