‘The Suit’ by Jaisen Rose

The Suit is by Jaisen Rose

Jasien Rose one of the first writers to respond to our prompt. Here it is again:

Write a story about the first time you really felt a man’s cock or a woman’s pussy; when you knew you were hooked; when you knew you couldn’t live without it. Where were you? What position were you in? Was your lover older or younger?

If you like her story, if it’s struck a chord, or if you wish she’d add a little something more, be sure and comment. Your comments make our effort worthwhile. I’ve gotten promises from more writers and as I receive their stories, I’ll post them. The included images are drawn from Old Erotic Art. Update: For those who enjoy this story, we encourage you to visit Rose’s blog Adventures of a Word Wytch, where you will discover that Jaisen Rose is Wordwytch’s pen name. ~ Will Crimson

“…the first time ever I saw your face…” the music drifted overhead as I waited for the elevator. The doors opened. I turned around in the elevator just in time to see him walk past. My eyes followed and while my face stayed calm, my brain was thinking, “Oh My God!” and drooling. I recovered enough to punch the button for the 3rd floor.

tumblr_m8uui0nsMY1qfbon7o1_1280When I got to the lecture room I was having trouble concentrating. I sat down towards the back, and tried to bring my mind back from the sight of that nice ass which had cruised by in the well fitting suit. I obviously didn’t make it, because Jenny sat next to me without my noticing her.

“Carol. Earth to Carol,” she whispered as she nudged me.

“Oh. Jenny. I didn’t see you.” The woman at the front began to speak.

“I can tell that. What’s got you lost in thought?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Come on. It has to be better than a lecture on the economics of poverty.” She gesturing towards the speaker.

I looked at her, and rolled my eyes. “Okay, there was this guy in a suit that walked by that almost had me drooling on the carpet.”

Jenny laughed. “A suit? Or the guy in it?”

“Both dammit! The suit was nicely tailored, but the guy in it. Oh My Fucking Gods!” I whispered.

Jenny smiled. She knew my predilection for well dressed men. It was superseded only by my love of men in kilts. “You’ll have to point him out if we see him again.”

“Damn right. After this, we’re going hunting.” The conference had rented the entire hotel. There was a good chance we’d find ‘Mr. Suit’.

After the economics lecture, we headed for the coffee shop. I figured there was a good chance that Mr. Suit would walk by. No luck. I was looking through my schedule to see where I should be heading next when Jenny hailed someone. I didn’t bother to look up, because I recognized the name as the computer geek she was always chatting about.

“Ben! Come over here! I want you to meet my friend Carol.”

“Oh damn!” The last person I wanted to meet was the computer geek that I’d heard stories about for the last six months. I kept my eyes to the schedule. I hoped could be rude and ignore him.

“Hi Jenny!” His voice was just deep enough to be enticing.

“It’s so good to see you Ben. I didn’t think they let you guys out of the building.”

“No, someone has to run all the equipment. I’m the one who got convention duty this time. Plus, I know the hotel staff.”

“Ben, I want you to meet my friend Carol.”

I was thinking of seven different ways to kill her as I finally looked up. “Umm, Hi. Nice to meet you,” I said trying not to choke. It was Mr. Suit.

“Hi. Benjamin Stokes. Computer services,” He held out his hand. The grip was firm, but not crushing.

“Carol Evans. I work in the office across from Jenny.”

“Oh, Jenny’s told me about you.” He smiled as he sat down next to me. “Jenny, would you get me a cup of coffee?”

“Sure. Refill Carol?”

I nodded. It was about all I could do. Up close, he was better looking than I expected. So many times, you see a nice ass, but the face is like a pizza or worse yet, they’re old enough to be your dad. Ben was about my age, and under that suit, the muscles bulged nicely. His beard and mustache was nicely trimmed, and his hair had just a bit of curl in it as it brushed against his suit jacket. He said something I missed while mentally drooling.

“Sorry, wool gathering. What did you say?”
“I asked if you were enjoying the conference.” His smile went all the way up to his eyes.

“It’s had it’s ups and downs.” I wondered if my face showed the blush I felt. Jenny came back with the drinks and the three of us chatted for about twenty minutes. Ben finished his drink and stood up to leave.

“It was nice meeting you, Carol. Maybe we can have lunch some time. Bye Jenny.” He dropped his trash in a bin and walked away. My eyes followed his ass.

“Carol? Are you alright?”

“Um… Jenny, does he always look that nice?” I was trying to form a thought that didn’t involve my tongue falling out of my mouth as Ben trotted up the stairs across from us.

“Well, no. He usually wears cargo pants and work shirts. Why?”

“Um… He’s Mr. Suit.”

“Wha…” she started, and then she began to giggle. “Oh boy! Here I’ve been trying to get you two introduced for months! All I had to do was get him to wear a suit?”

“Shut up!” I blushing furiously.

An hour later, I walked into my last session for the day. I’d just begun to watch the power point presentation when someone sat next to me. I moved over, not looking as I was trying to follow the accent of the woman giving the presentation.

“Are you always so attentive?”

I nearly jumped straight up as I turned to find Ben seated next to me. “You scared the hell out of me!” I whispered.

He grinned at me. “Want to go to dinner afterwards?”


“You. Me. Dinner?” he pantomimed.

I nodded yes. I didn’t trust myself to speak as my brain was yelling “Score!” and doing a victory dance at the same time I realized that my panties were feeling just a tad damp.

“I’ll see you in the lobby at 6pm.” He stood up and left.

I gave up trying to follow the speaker five minutes later. All I could think about was Ben.

Ben was standing off to one side of the lobby with his back to me as I came out of the elevator. The view was enjoyable as I walked over to him. He must have heard the sound of my heels on the marble floor. He turned around to greet me. “Hi!”

“Hello. Are you always this cheerful?”

“Most of the time. Especially when I’m in the company of a lovely woman. I’ve got a reservation in the pub dining room.”


He took my arm and we walked the length of the lobby to the English Pub at the far end. I’d seen the menu earlier in the day and realized that I could barely afford a beer, let alone dinner. He must have sensed something. He turned to me just before we entered.

“My treat. Understood?”

“Alright. My turn next time.” We waited to be seated. “Next time? Where in the hell did that come from?”

Dinner was great. Good beer, fish and chips, and bread pudding for dessert. I’d relaxed at long last, and we had a good time. In fact, I was sort of sorry that the evening was coming to an end. Ben paid the bill and we started walking back up towards the elevators.

“Do you want to go for a walk?”

“No, not really. I think I’d like to just head back to my room.” Walking was the last thing I wanted to do with Ben.


We walked to the elevators. When the doors opened, he walked in with me and punched the 2nd floor button before I said which floor I was on.

“How did you know I was on the 2nd floor?”

“I didn’t. I’m in room 245.”

“Oh. I’m in 237.”

He smiled. Right then and there, I wanted to tackle him and kiss that smile while I ran my hands over his body. Instead, I smiled back and looked at the floor. When the doors opened, we stepped out and headed down the hall. When we got to my room, I thanked him for dinner. We said our goodbyes, and he kissed me on the cheek. I slid the key card and walked into my room.


“Dammit!” I whispered under my breath as I kicked off my shoes. “Why oh why couldn’t I just say what I wanted? Oh yeah, because I’m too damn shy at all the wrong moments when it comes to men!” I flopped on my bed as I berated myself.

There was a knock on the door ten minutes later. Thinking it was Jenny wanting to know how my date went, I opened my door to find Ben standing there.

“Um, hi Ben,” Inside my head, confusion and chaos reigned.

“I got to my room and realized that I’d forgotten something.”

“Oh?” Now I was really confused.

“Yes. I’d forgotten to say…” he stopped for a moment. The look of hunger on his face matched the lust in my head.


“Would you mind if I came in for a moment?” He suddenly looking less confident.

“Sure.” I stepped aside to let him in. As I shut the door I wondered if I’d left undies or something else embarrassing laying about. He turned towards me as I got near.


“Yes,” My thoughts were racing ninety miles an hour. I looked up at him as he stood there. He didn’t say a word, but gathered me in his arms and kissed me. I kissed back, tasting the faint hint of dessert on his lips. His arms were warm and strong. I realized at that moment that if he let go suddenly, I’d fall to the floor. I’m not sure how long the kiss lasted, but when we broke apart, it was like coming up for air.

“I have been watching you at the office for months, and didn’t realize you were Jenny’s friend that she’s been talking about.”

“Same here. You were the computer geek she mentioned.”

“Yes, I saw you today and then Jenny. She…”

“I know. You walked past me this morning. I… I have this thing for men in suits and your ass, your body,” I stopped because I realized I was turning beet red.

“Carol, I want you.” His lips pressed against mine. I couldn’t speak. I just nodded. His hands caressed my body, and I felt his cock straining against his trousers. We moved to the bed, and were kissing and touching all at once.

Somehow, I let go of him long enough for his suit jacket to drop on the floor. It was followed by my blouse and my skirt. His shirt came off along with his teeshirt. His muscles had me drooling. I don’t remember my bra coming off, but I do remember the heat of his chest against my breasts.

“Oh my god,” I whispered as his hand slipped between my legs. My panties were soaked. His eyes danced as we kissed. Ben’s fingers slid along the edge of my panties and then under. He stroked my lips and then his finger thrust up inside of me. I gasped.

“Ben, I… I want to watch you take your trousers off.” My mind was heady with lust.

tumblr_m1pb7qtDii1qfbon7o1_500Ben smiled and let go of me. He licked my juices off of his fingers as he stood up. He undid the belt and top button and then turned his back to me. As he undid the zipper, the trousers slowly slide down his ass. He wore bikini briefs, the kind that hug a muscular ass. He kicked off his socks at the same time he did his trousers.

I sat on the bed almost panting. Slowly, he started to slide off his underwear. I couldn’t wait. I had to touch! His skin was soft, hot, and oh the muscles. I touched, nibbled and caressed him as his underwear slid to the floor. When he turned, his cock stood proud, and I wrapped my lips around him. I hadn’t told anyone, but I love the feel of a cock in my mouth. Silky skin with a tang of salt. My tongue played with the slit and then slid around the edge of his head. Ben moaned.

We were back on the bed, and his hands were doing things to my body that were making it difficult to concentrate. I moaned and sucked on his cock until I couldn’t take it any longer. As I came up gasping, Ben pulled me to him and slid deep inside.

So full. So damn good. I lost myself in the feel of him. My hands slid down his ribs to his ass as he built up to a rhythm that thudded against my pubic bone. My nails raking across his ass as I started to come, and felt him stiffen with his own orgasm as I blissed out.

I woke up the next morning to see his ass disappear around the corner. Groggy and just a tad sore, I crawled out of bed. Ben was in the shower, with the water cascading over his skin. I watched him shower, thinking how fine that ass felt under my touch.

“Morning.” Ben smiled.


“Your love scratches sting a bit this morning.” He turned to show me the marks I’d left.

“Oh! I’m sorry.” I felt my face blush.

“I’m not. I’ll have those to remind me all day of how much pleasure I had.”


“And you’ll have to think about my trousers rubbing against those marks, waiting for your lips to kiss them tonight.”

“Ben,” I moaned, feeling my nipples tighten and my heart race at the thought of sex.

“Come here.” He held out a hand to help me into the shower. He wrapped his arms around me as we stood under the water. His cock throbbed against my stomach as my hands caressed his ass. Heaven.

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  1. Aiona says:

    Ah yes… If there’s one thing my dad’s sister taught me, it’s “never underestimate the importance of a good tailor.” ;)

  2. paul1510 says:

    very nice indeed.
    A good suit may help, but confidence with a modicum of modesty does the trick.

  3. Cara Thereon says:

    I’d like more, please. Nothing like a man in a nice suit with a great ass.

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