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Of late, a little pet passion of mine has been to look for erotica beyond the English language. This is, after all, the World Wide Web. Tales of men and women, and our love for each other, are written in every language. Even though it’s a stupid realization, whenever I Google translate an erotic story in Urdu (let’s say), I’m always a little tickled and surprised when I read that the next guy speaking a “strange” language, wearing “strange” clothes and eating “strange” food is looking at women just like I do. We both want her to suck our cocks, to swallow, to open her legs, to bend over, to scream when she’s fucked and to lift her ass when we come in her. He and I are brothers. The day we talk about women, we’ll be speaking the same language. We lust for women and we love women. We do get readers from non-English speaking countries and I’ve noticed our stories are translated into a variety of other languages but I’d like more. Google is no match for a skilled translator, but serviceable. I invite readers from every country to read and enjoy our stories. You will notice that in the tags, I’ve translated Erotic Story into every available language in the hopes that readers from other languages and cultures will find us. In the meantime, I’ve added a new blogroll called Erotica Around the World. I invite any reader who has a favorite erotic blog by a non-English speaking blogger to send me a link. One of those bloggers, one of my favorites because of his taste in photos and poetry, hosts a blog named Patrząc na kwiaty nad rzeką. I recently asked him if he could recommend some of his favorite blogs. He responded and invited me to repost his E-Mail. Here it is:

Thank you for your kind words! It flatters me to be in your links.

I wish I knew good non-English blogs with erotic stories. Regrettably, most of non-English blogs that I follow are devoted to pictures… For example, there is a very fine blog by a Polish blogger <>. Although it has not been updated since 2009, there are great archives there and many interesting links. For fun, please, have a look at the blog by a Polish artist Maurycy Gomulicki <>. Its not pure erotica, but you can find there some playful, erotic themes :)

There is a wonderful blog by Portuguese photographer and model Patricia Manhao <>. Partly written in English, partly in Portugese – but most of the content is visual. I repost quite often from her blog, so if you enjoy my blog, you will probably like her too… Sincerely recommended.

The problem is, I don’t spend much time on-line these days, so most of the blogs that come to my mind are somewhat outdated–or even taken off-line, like the french blogs <> and <>

The poems that can be found on my website come exclusively from books and printed literary magazines–so I can’t really recommend any internet resources in this respect… By the way, the name of my blog Patrząc na kwiaty nad rzeką has been borrowed from an ancient Chinese poem by Tu Fu. This phrase can be loosely translated Dejeuner sur l’herbe–which may sound more familiar to Westerners because of the famous painting by Manet :)

Please, feel free to share any of my links with your readers in whichever form you find suitable. I’m not sure if my e-mail qualifies as a guest post, but if you like to quote or edit my words, it’s fine with me.

One last thing I’d like to offer: The world wide web is a miracle. Just thirty years ago you could not have read my stories — or Raziel’s or Ximena’s. No publisher would dare to have published them and many still wouldn’t. Just 60 years ago, if I had published these stories, my own government might have litigated them. The desire of individuals using the  facade of religion, government or any number of -isms, to control what you and I think continues unabated. In a variety of countries, Iran and China being prime examples, a small group of people have sleepless nights imagining that a reader like you (or writers like myself) might like or approve of something they don’t like or approve of. They curtail internet access, they imprison men, women and children, and they kill. These are individuals who will use any means to dictate what you and I think, read and how we behave. In the world as they imagine it, the only right way to think and speak is like them.  The freedoms celebrated by the World Wide Web  are under constant threat by literalists, ideologues and fundamentalists. Keep reading. I’ll keep writing. I’ll cover your back. You cover mine. There’s nothing more valuable than freedom of thought and expression. Don’t take it for granted.

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  1. paul1510

    hear, hear, trouble is, we, with our vaunted freedoms, were like this not so very long ago.
    It seems to me, that as a species we like to dominate our fellows, and when we have the power, many of us will rush to do so.

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