• A New Writer

    With gratitude to all of our guest writers, we have invited Blue Eyed Gypsy to join us. Having to choose between writers isn’t a choice I relish. I wish all writers, equally, success and recognition. All three of us — myself, Raziel and Ximena — made the choice. Our other contributors were: Jaisen Rose The Suit… Continue Reading

  • To the Winds

      ♦ I was looking through my work today, doing some creative inventory, and found this prosetry tucked in between a story I’d left unfinished. It’s been so long that I found myself experiencing it as if I hadn’t been the one to write it. It made me wistful in a way I haven’t been… Continue Reading

  • ‘Properly’ by Deliza Rafferty

    Properly is by Deliza Rafferty I think this represents the final story. Deliza Rafferty is an erotic romance writer with some books to her name. Her site is at Dirty Dramas. And that reminds me, I neglected to remember that another of our entrants also hosts her own blog, Blue Eyed Gypsy. Blue Eyed Gypsy… Continue Reading

  • Four Smiles (micropoetry page)

    Four Smiles Bad Feng Shui She said my bed had bad feng shui. we had to rearrange the furniture if she were to move in. “For now, it’ll be ok if I’m on top.” sacred They say sacred is in the eye of the beholder. I say sometimes it is in the ass of the… Continue Reading


      “The first time I felt him spurt in me, and shiver. The way men collapse on you, or melt under you.  That’s power.  And it’s addictive.  Maybe Plato and Freud were right that we’re always looking for our other half.  Cuz for that brief moment, I OWN HIM.” ~ Aiona These few short words… Continue Reading

  • ‘First’ by Blue Eyed Gypsy

    First is by Blue Eyed Gypsy There’s a striking resemblance between this story and Jaisen Rose’s. Blue Eyed Gypsy explained it this way: I read the prompt but dismissed it quickly, thinking – wrongly, as it turns out – that if such a moment had ever occurred for me, I couldn’t recall it. When I… Continue Reading