OopFriday finally, home from work at the same time. It begins with a swat to your tush as we kiss our hellos in the doorway, accompanied by my “Daddy needs you, Sweetheart.”

You know exactly what it means.

With a glint in your eye you hop over to the couch and climb on, knees on the cushion, feet dangling over the edge and wiggling work shoes off, looking back over your shoulder at me as I come up behind and lift your skirt.

Little ceremony – I’m already hard and spit-slicked as I tug your panties aside, and push against you. You have to brace and hold still, because I’m taking hold of your hips and pulling you towards me before I’m fully seated in your slit. You know not to let me slip out. You’re also not fully ready for me, but you know that it doesn’t matter. Daddy needs you. And I use you quick and sharp, forcing all the way in by the time I come.

And then, after a minute or two just breathing, it’s the evening routine. Changed out of work clothes – but not those panties, uknown-1743we deal with mail, make dinner, do chores, all with you full of my cream and getting increasingly antsy about it.

Until after the dishes are away, you practically claw my belt open and wrestle me to a place where you can sit on my cock. I’m fully ready, but I know that it doesn’t matter. Sweetheart needs me.

Latest Comments

  1. vanillamom says:

    wonderful, wonderful.
    sweet, almost-but-not-quite tersely written…like the best kind of fairy tale…

    Loved it!


  2. Monocle says:

    Thanks, nilla!

    It’s one of those thoughts that came quickly, so to speak. So, written as such.

  3. trixipixie says:

    Delicious and sexy, though short and sweet. Thank You.

  4. paul1510 says:

    spring came early, where you are?
    Very nice, a thought to warm, this cold morn.

  5. Cammies on the floor says:

    Anxious give and take. Amazing.

  6. Windowbox says:

    Excellent. First day of spring and the green shoots look really promising.

  7. Monocle says:

    Thanks very much, all. Not quite spring yet, but I’m trying to break through the frost.

  8. wordsmithingimp says:

    This was hot and sweet and spitshined. Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. Sex Fairy says:

    Love it!! So sexy, and it makes me miss my sexy daddy!

  10. exxiex says:

    I am really getting far too into reading today (heheheheh) I usually am on the other end and also tyring my best to wrtie creative erotica, but the writings on this blog are amazingly hot and sensual..I love flash fiction..exxie

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