• In the Scene

    I started reading Roland Barthes’ Mythologies recently. The very first essay, “In the Ring” drew immediate and obvious parallels for me about writing, and writing sex in particular. It could be those parallels are so painfully obvious to the reader or writer of literary erotica that all I should really do is grab you by… Continue Reading

  • sleep (senryu page)

    sleep graze We pass——————— one to sleep, one to waking —————-fingers graze beckon Sleep beckons me soon but not before I fill you one more time. Or Two. dreamy I am off to dream of making you coo then scream then tasting your cream los and found Lost you, waking. But I sleep again tonight.… Continue Reading

  • violence (senryu page)

    violence detonator Descending plunger setting off the dynamite you slide down my shaft.   system Sometimes I need————- to get it out of my system and ——————deep into you. post-impact How soft, round, and warm your ass against my palm after the first spank give and take Then there are times when even though you… Continue Reading

  • edible, potable (senryu page)

    edible, potable dinner I lay my dinner course by course down your body can’t wait for dessert. vintage I am partial to wines that taste like you taster He licked her, pretty much everywhere, then bit the tastiest part. eater of sound I’ll swallow your sounds devour your cries even as I summon each one.… Continue Reading

  • Man of Air

    There once was a man of air, whose memory was the rain; he remembered a girl, but could never be certain about her tears. Her scent within him, he went in search. On clear days, he relied on the whiff of salt. In the deluge he recalled her face. Air and mud – sky and… Continue Reading

  • weather (senryu page)

    weather nosey Just in from the freeze bury my nose someplace warm and you scream. At first. electrified Your ecstatic face lightning-Illuminated electrifies me.   thunder Fuck me in the storm screaming into the thunder drenched, inside and out. torrent Torrential downpour a storm days in the making you break over me. reservoirs Your body’s… Continue Reading