Serial Erotica

by anoki

Serial Erotica

There comes a point in our lives when we have to close our eyes and leap. I’ve been writing erotica for free for several years. I will continue to do so, but I also need  to make a living and would rather do so as a writer. I write in other genres besides erotica, but I enjoy erotica and wonder if my readers enjoy it enough to support my efforts? To that end, I’m curious to gauge the interest in serialized stories. I’m deciding whether to serialize the popular Pro-Life Hitwoman, Falling, The Writers Café or finally bring The Fun House out of revision-purgatory. The knowledge that there’s a reward for the effort would help. I will price the stories at 25¢ for the first page and for each additional page (e-book format). So, a three page story would cost 35¢.  Another option (see the comments below) would be to charge a flat 25¢ for each story until they’re published as a collection. I will notify you when the story is ready via the blog.  Send me a payment through Paypal and I will e-mail the e-book. If  any readers have a preference as to which stories to serialize, ideas, or suggestions, comment below or E-Mail me privately. My first thought is to serialize the Fun House stories. However, and as I’ve already written, I will continue to write free stories.

  • The artwork at left is by the incredibly creative and erotic artist Anoki. Click on the image to visit her at Hentai or visit her at DeviantART.

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  1. paul1510

    sounds like an idea.
    However, I would only be interested in something that I could access through Kindle, and I would would prefer larger chunks, say a hundred pages or more.

    • Thanks Paul. That’s the kind of feedback I need.

      I’ll offer them in Kindle format. This is going to be a learning experience for me – both in writing and selling them. When I’ve reached a hundred pages or more, and if there’s been enough interest to keep me going, I’ll offer them as a collection. In that respect, it might make more sense to simply offer the individual stories at 25¢ a piece. That would still cost more than waiting for the “collected” edition, but the trade-off would be immediate gratification.

  2. vanillamom

    I’m with Paul…kindle format, but hell yeah. I just downloaded Raz’s newest ebook and jezuz..sitting in the beauty parlor is NOT the place to read that nightmarish erotica…squirming under the dryer does draw attention to oneself… LOL…all this is a long way to say yes.

    and I dunno…I love what you write, and I’d pay to have all those tentacle series in one place…that last one was da bomb…and just added a new dimension to the torrid tale of Them. :)


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