• Ass

    This was fun to write. I had a slew of images to choose from. I picked two. You will have to click on it, then click again (to zoom). For the alternate image, click at right. And for the original image (at right) without my text, click here. Enjoy, and as always, Redbud a.k.a.¬†Will Crimson.… Continue Reading

  • Obedience

    There were lots of photos I could have used for this, many involving bondage, but this is the one that appealed to me. It feels a little playful, eager and suggests the excitement and willingness implied by obedience rather than bondage. Have fun and have a Merry Christmas Eve. As always, Will Crimson.

  • Coming Together: In Vein (with Blood Tint)

    Vampires in your stocking? In time for the new year, the latest Coming Together volume is now available from Erotic Anthology, via a number of e-book venues. An edited, improved first chapter of Blood Tint is included as a stand-alone story. All proceeds from the sale of Coming Together: In Vein benefit Doctors Without Borders,… Continue Reading

  • Grief & Love

    I haven’t quite known how to respond to the events at Sandy Hook. My heart is broken; and almost goes out of writing erotica. But the best erotica, for me, has always started and ended in love. I’m under no illusions though. I by no means imagine that all sex is beautiful or wonderful. Human… Continue Reading