I am very pleased to announce a new publisher in town. I, and all three of us here at the Erotic Writer, are now authors at Burning Book Press. If you take a visit there you’ll find an initial, and soon to grow bevy of hot books. Of erotica, yes, but also of other fine work.  Will, Ximena and I are proud to announce our first collection of favorite and popular stories, prose, and poetry from the Erotic Writer is one of Burning Book’s first bonfires:


From a single sentence, to poetic phrases, to the vignette and novella, three writers share with you what they see in the erotic. At The Erotic Writer blog, William Crimson (Redbud), Raziel Moore (Monocle), and Ximena Mendez have experimented and shown hundreds of works, exploring desire, sex, the pretty, the ugly, the banal, the burlesque, and much more. Erotikos is an ensemble collection, where each writer has selected favorite, and most popular works to showcase.

Jump through time to a gilded seductive past. Leap into space and the mysteries and temptations beyond. Open to the chill of dark desires on the brink of realization, and melt into the embrace of long-sought lovers. Twenty-nine works in all, from, as they say, the sacred to the profane.

Erotikos (ISBN 9781939175113) is available now through Burning Book Press for  $4.51, a hot price, we hope you’ll agree. Erotikos is also at Amazon by clicking here.

Also from Burning Book:

FEVER: An Anthology of Micro-Erotica

How hot is one hundred? Higher than body temperature, a blush, a flush, a Fever. Four authors take on the challenge of 100 word stories, not just stories, but erotica. Will they raise your body temperature?

Fever  is an anthology of “micro-erotica” by Wyeth Bailey, Ruby Kiddell, Raziel Moore, and Aisling Weaver. One hundred works of 100-word erotica, for every temperature and temperament. You won’t be able to read them one at a time. Fever (ISBN 9781939175076) is available now through Burning Book Press for $2.99.
Fever is also at Amazon by clicking here.

Check out Burning Book Press’s initial release for a first taste  of truly excellent literary erotica.

Find new authors to tickle your fancy in Burning Book’s Free Read section. Where authors share selected tidbits from their blogs and oeuvres for your enticement.

The Burning Book Press manifesto:

Burning Book Press is an independent e-publisher of fine literature.

Our mission is to offer readers fine literature – the exceptional quality that defines literary fiction – across multiple genres, including Contemporary Fiction, Erotica, Romance, Mystery, Horror , Science Fiction and Fantasy. We publish ebook fiction (novels, novellas and short stories), poetry (anthology-length), and a limited amount of non-fiction (memoir, biography, essay).

Burning Book Press operates with the agility of a small indie e-publisher while seeking to set a high professional standard for editorial quality —  from manuscript acquisition, through editing, production, marketing and distribution. The company is privately held with principals operating in Atlanta and London.

More to come!

Coming soon to Burning Book Press:

Raziel’s Nightmares and Visions, Will’s Daydreams and Distractions, Raziel’s four Lens Anthologies


  1. Raz, Will and Ximena,
    Erotikos is on my Kindle, you will have my thoughts when I’ve read it, could be a while though.

  2. Yay!!! Throwing confetti!! (now that my wife has her own kindle, I can add some erotica to mine! LOL)

    Happy dancing for you all!


    1. We’re very excited. I’m really happy to be under the covers with Will and Ximena- I mean under the same cov- I mean book cover. … You know what I mean.

    2. LOL…if you’re having THAT kind of celebration, I’ll be sure to don something sexy… and …see which of you falls out from the blankets first… :)


    1. I hope you’ll find things there to your liking. Burning Book is going to focus on the literary and the challenging. Should be a great ride.

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