• Take What’s Good

    Just as soon as she opened the door, they came together without a sound. He – once such an expert in her – searched out all her quirky sweet spots with hands and mouth. He squeezed the back of her neck as he kissed her until she lost strength in her knees. He kissed and… Continue Reading

  • Smoke On The Horizon

    Several pieces of news on the publication front. Some of it is Monocular, but some involves all of The Erotic Writer. Coming Together: Arm In Arm In Arm edited by Nobilis Reed is now available. My story “Dehra” is within, proceeds benefit Oceana, the largest international organization working solely to protect the world’s oceans. Sudden Sex, an… Continue Reading

  • Little Bites

    I can’t hear her moans, I feel them. They vibrate up the spade of my tongue and right into my brain. Her scents and tastes vary according to the phase of the moon and she’s tinged with metal and maple now. What I do has become second nature so I can concentrate on what I… Continue Reading

  • Fascinate

    ♠ I had to write my response to Will’s last beautiful little story… Fascinate ♦ An Erotic Quickie by Ximena She looked up at me with unfathomable eyes. I blinked twice because I saw her movements in slow motion – her, flipping her long hair, then twisting it into a one-handed braid. It shone black… Continue Reading

  • Room For More

    Music roared just outside the scarred door. “What’s going on?” He followed her frenetic pacing with his eyes. “Nothing. Absolutely fucking nothing.” She kicked the sofa with her bare foot and winced.   “Nothing my white ass. Spill.” She looked him up and down. He had no reason to spend his time in that shitty… Continue Reading

  • Into the Desert

    ♦ Comments, anonymous and otherwise, are more than welcome. We want to know what our work makes you feel. – X “We’re almost there.” Rough terrain made seat springs groan underneath their asses. As she looked at the vast expanse of nothing, she wondered how he knew the way so well. They drove up to… Continue Reading

  • FemDom

    Femdom a definition by Redbud The image is from here. And look here for another. For Google translatable text, click below.