Kinks · The Filling Station

The Filling Station 
More naughtiness by Redbud

“Fill her up, Miss?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Premium, Miss?”
“I don’t know but Mama and Daddy said I should only get premium so I get better mileage.”
“We’ll take good care of you, Miss.”
“I only just got my driver’s license only being eighteen!”
“That’s alright, Miss, you just step this way.”
“Oh my!”
“Don’t you worry, Miss, I’m sure the nozzle will fit right in.”
“Yes, Miss. Right here. Now if you could just turn around.”
“On the hood?”
“That’s right, Miss.”
“It’s a little – hot.”
“Could you just lower the chassis.”
“Is that enough, Sir?”
“Just a little wider, Miss.”
“I don’t know if I can open it any– Oh!”
“That’s perfect, Miss.”
“Oh! I don’t know if it will – Oh!”
“You’ve got a new model, Miss. She’s still a little tight but you won’t drip.”
“I – I don’t know!”
“That’s it, Miss. The nozzle’s slippin’ in right like it should. We just ask you keep your feet on the ground. We sure wouldn’t want a spark to cause an explosion.”
“It’s just – so long!”
“We gotta’ make sure it gets in the tank, Miss, so there’s no overflow.”
“I – Oh!”
“It’s all in, Miss.”
“I just – ”
“Yes, Miss?”
“I just never had a fill up quite like this, Sir!”
“Hold still, Miss.”
“Are you pumping, Sir?”
“Yes, Miss, we’re fillin’ your tank as we speak.”
“Oh – I – I feel it pumping!”
“Careful, Miss! Don’t want the nozzle poppin’ out fore’ it’s done pumpin’!”
“That’s quite alright, Miss.”
“I don’t know what came over me!”
“That’s high Octane. Now you hold still while I pull the nozzle out. We wanna’ make sure you leave with a full tank.”
“Oh. Oh! Such a – long – nozzle. I can breathe again.”
“You won’t need another refill for a good nine months, Miss.”
“Really? I can’t wait to tell Mama and Daddy! I bet Momma never got mileage like this!”
“Only the best, Miss.”

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  1. paul1510

    Such a filling station, high octane fuel indeed. :D
    I love the confidence. “You won’t need another refill for a good nine months, Miss.”

  2. vanillamom

    This was lovely…and so…clean, yanno? (unlike mine that took place in a dark n dirty filling station bathroom…)

    ps…there is a lovely diner in the center of Littleton NH…forget the name, but not the food…


  3. vanillamom

    by the way…sometimes us naughty girls like the lower octane…coz we like the ride to be a bit bumpy…just sayin’…

    (and of course, I loved every word of this one, dearest Will!)

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