Kinks · The Doctor

The Doctor
A little naughtiness by Redbud

“Are we done, Doctor?”
“All done.”
“Do you always do it that way?”
“Yes, Miss.”
“I just — you know — being bent over the exam table and facing the other way — I couldn’t see what you were doing.”
“Did you feel any discomfort?”
“Oh no, Doctor. The needle — just — I wasn’t expecting — it was so thick and long. I felt so — full. I’m sorry I made so much noise.”
“That’s perfectly normal.”
“Are there side effects?”
“You should feel the effects of the injection in the next day or so. Some patience report sickness in the morning. Some report a heigtened sense of smell. Some report disliking foods and aquiring tastes for others.”
“Do all your paitents react like that?”
“Like what?”
“I mean — the way I reacted when you kept pushing that needle deeper and deeper up inside me?”
“The depth of the injection will aid in the treatment.”
“Oh, I don’t mean that.”
“The contractions?”
“Yes, the contractions — like — it wasn’t in my control — the way my muscles just kept squeezing and squeezing inside me.”
“Yes, that’s a normal reaction.”
“It is?”
“It means your body is accepting the inseminate.”
“It’s a medical term.”
“Wow. I didn’t even feel it going inside.”
“I inseminated you while you were experiencing the contractions.”
“Wow, you’re quick.”
“I try not to belabor the procedure.”
“So it’s all inside me now?”
“Yes Miss, be sure to schedule another appointment with the receptionist. I look forward to seeing you again in nine months.”


  1. JUMPS to feet, clapping!

    this was SOOOO naughty.

    and I loved it.

    You know how some people might devour a bag of chips, or a cookie, (or a bag of cookies) ? Just sit and scarf them down…?

    That’s exactly how I consumed this.

    nom nom nom.


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