Interlude: Tentacles, Between my Sheets, Readers & Morning Sickness


Nilla, you didn’t tell me! Or did you? Lovely Nilla, of Vanillamom’s Blog, has written a “Tentacle” called Tanked (3) – a sequel to Tanked (1) and Tanked (2). All of you who enjoy this tasteless and disgusting form of literature, consider yourself informed. I consider it pure coincidence that she has named a main character ‘William’ — luck of the draw, accidental, random coincidence.

Between My Sheets

The blog Between my Sheets is looking for nominations for best sex blogs. If you like Nilla’s blog, please give her a plug. The same for Remittance Girl and all our friends under the Blogs by Friends & Readers blogroll. And If you like our blog, do the same.  Whether we’re mentioned or not, we’ll still be here writing.

Blogs by Friends & Readers

If you’ve been commenting here, if you’re a blogger, and you don’t see your blog site on our Blogs by Friends & Readers blogroll, please let me know. Don’t be shy. The oversight is not intentional.  We love everyone who comments and are happy send readers your way.

Morning Sickness

OK, if you haven’t already read this news, then you’re obviously not spending enough time on the web. Maybe a splash in the morning won’t improve a woman’s complexion, but apparently drinking  the semen busy in your womb can cure you of morning sickness. I kid you not. Apparently blowjobs are one recommended way to imbibe this remedy. No, seriously. Read the science yourself.

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  1. vanillamom

    well…i’ve heard it said that there is no such thing as “coincidence”…just sayin’…. :)

    And I have nominated you, dear friends, since I stupidly forgot you in my first rounds of nods…with a fullblown apology for all the readers of under my sheets to try to absolve the sin of forgetting one of my favorite sex blogs….


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