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Back me in a corner. Make sure I can’t escape. Put your hand on my crotch. Tell me there’s only one way out. Unzip me. Prick me. Force me to kiss you and pushy me to my knees. Force me to smell. Force me to lick and tell me: ‘Dot it now.’ Straddle my lap and cut my lip. Your nails are sharper than glass. Trap me. Pine me. Scrape my neck. Your nipples are little fists. ‘Don’t you touch.’ ‘Don’t you speak.’ Tell me to suck them. ‘Now!’ Pull down my pants. Trap my knees. Lift my shirt and dare me to breathe and twist my balls till I beg. Then give me a kiss. Lick my chin. Tell me fear will make men hard. The window is closed. The door is locked. The plaster sweats and there’s grit on the floor. Pull me. Shove me. Yank my shirt behind my back. Flick my cock. Make me flinch. Christ, your nails are sharp! ‘Don’t you move!’ Hold me upright. Lower your cunt till I’m trapped in your — Fuck! — Bite my lip. The nip still bleeds. Tell me there’s only — one way out –.

Categories: Algolagnia, Blood Play, Consensual, Copulation, Dominance & Submission, Erotica, Femdom, Forced Orgasm, Insemination, Nonconsensual, RedBud, Rough SexTags: , , , , , , ,


  1. vanillamom


    Way different, extremely hot, very visceral…raw…and hot…*fanning face*

    what did you say the address to this place is? :)


    • vanillamom

      well then you better get your ass over here then, hmmm?
      nope. Can’t do it. geeze. It’s a brilliant fantasy, Will…but…can’t see myself ordering anyone around unless they’re 16 or under… (and then it’s mommy rules, not Domme rules!)


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