Daydreams & Distractions ☼ Pink Pussycat

Pink Pussycat
A Daydream and Distraction by Redbud

“Where are you?”

“In the bedroom,” she answers.

“Are you ready yet?”

“In just a minute.”

“We’re gonna’ be late.”

“I –”

He waits, then loses patience. “What? What?”

“–can’t go.”


“Something happened.”

“Can I look?”

Her voice quivered. “I don’t want to go.”

“Let me look.”

“I don’t – It’s hard to explain.”

“Are you in costume? Are you wearing it?”

“It’s not Red Riding Hood.”

“Ok —”

“I had to buy it.”

“Can I see it?”


“Then what’s wrong?”

“It – There – Something – I changed it.”

“Can I open the door?”

“–ok–” she answers, her voice small “–but, something happened.”

He opens the door. His wife, an elfish 20 year old, sits on the floor, knees together and to the side. She leans against the bottom of the bed. Her sowing scissors, steel and gleaming, lie on the hardwood floor in front of her. The cat suit fits her, tight. The faux fur fabric lightens and darkens in the light and over the shape of her slender body, the muscular and round curve of her haunches, the inward taper of her waist and even the shadowy divot of her belly button and the crease of her abdomen. The cat suit is hooded with two pink ears. Her dark brown ponytail, pulled through a little opening in the back of the hood, is half draped over her shoulder as though she had been leaning forward. Her arms are folded over her breasts. A long pink tail makes an S behind her.

“Pink?” he asks, his voice rising. “Pink?”

“It’s the only color they had.”

“Black? Leopard? Tabby? Even a fucking hou –”

“There was a run on cat costumes!” she blurts. “Ok? Pink! That’s all they had.”

“So –” He licks his lips.

She bites hers.

“So –” he continues. “We’ll just go as the big bad wolf and – you know – little pink pussy cat.”

“I –”


“I can’t.”

“Can’t what?”

“Can’t go.”

“Why not?”

“I sort of changed it.”

“What do you mean?”

Her answer was another tumbling rush of words. “I don’t know – I just – I put on the cat suit – It – I couldn’t help it – it’s a cat suit and – and – and I’m a girl.”

“Ok. And?”

She slowly lowers her arms, her eyes and face a picture of apology. Her nipples, stiff and pink, poke through two neatly cut holes. She puts two small circles of pink, furry fabric on the birch floor in front of her. The tight pink cat suit is like a second skin over her breasts. They’re small but firm and his mouth waters to look at them.

“Oh –” he answers. “That’s – I mean – We could – ”

“I made –” She leans forward onto her hands and lowers her chin to the floor as though she meant to move toward him. Her voice is strained. “I couldn’t help it. I’m a girl and a cat suit – It does something to a girl. It affects a girl. It – I’m all hot inside. In my – you know – Down low, I’m all hot and – I need something. I don’t – I don’t know what’s happening. I need something.” She’s on her knees and stretching her arms in front of her. She arches, opens her legs, and lifts her ass behind her. “It’s making me – do things. Is it because I’m female? I’m all stretchy – and I need – to be stretched. I don’t understand. I’m so hot – and thirsty.”

He swallows. “We could get another –”

“I made another cut.” She bites her lip and gazes up at him, apologetically. “It’s a long one – well – sort of – between – behind – just under my tail.” He sees her distended nipples just touch the floor. Her eyes flutter when she feels the cool of the wood. She presses them so they drag, just enough, under when she moves forward, and forward when she draws back. “I’m so thirsty,” she says. “I need milk.”

“But you don’t like milk.”



“Wait – ” She bites her lip again. “Before you go, can you – take it out? Can I see it? Please? Can you take it out?”



He bites his own lip. He gazes at her. He reaches down and finds the zipper under the long, danging fur of the wolf costume. He pulls out his cock, hard, swollen and upright.
“All of it.”

“That is –”

“No, all of it,” she repeats. “Are they full? Show them to me.”

He reaches down, under his cock, and gingerly frees his balls so that they hang our from the crotch of the costume.

“Are they full?” she asks again and moves toward him, her slender ass raised behind her. “It looks so big and full of milk.” Then she rises onto her knees and takes him in her mouth. She’s slow. Her sinuous muscles shimmer underneath the faux pink fur. Her back arches as her hips swivel. Her finger nails dig, release, and dig painfully into his calves like a cat’s as she sucks.

“I’m going to cum!” he gasps. He releases a first quick spurt.

She stops. She looks up at him, cock still between her lips, as though waiting, then slowly releases him, her tongue trailing the underside, then curling upward to lick the seeping tip. She had never let him cum in her mouth before. She licks the glistening fluid and swallows. Her pink lips are glossy and she lowers herself to her knees, eyes beseeching. “It tastes so good. I don’t know why?”

“I’ll get you some milk,” he breathes, and leaves the room.

When he returns, he brings a saucer full. He walks to the far side of the room and puts down the milk. His cock and balls hang between his thighs. His balls are dark and heavy beneath the fur of the costume, his cock arches angrily upward, purple and glistening. “Here kitty,” he says. “Here kitty, kitty. Come, little pussy, I warmed it up for you.”

Her eyes widen for a moment, then she leans forward and stretches, her chin to the floor and her pussy lifted behind her. She crawls, sinuously and slowly, her eyes never leaving his. He stands to watch her as she approaches the saucer. He can see her belly, under the tightness of the costume, rise and fall with her breath. Her long tail almost swishes behind her and between her ankles. Then he sees her pink pussy, swollen, open and protruding through the single cut between her thighs – pink, just like the costume. Her eyes flutter as the soft tail swishes between the lips of her pussy, just grazing the purple clit thrusting outward at the very bottom of her belly. She stops at the saucer, nose and whiskers over the milk. She bites her lips again as she looks at him. “I couldn’t help it – I – don’t understand. It just felt – so tight – and I – was so swollen, so hot down there and – the costume was rubbing and – and I don’t – it’s making me – ” She closes her eyes and widens her knees, arches and lifts her pussy behind her. Her clit protrudes and stretches, as though it were reaching for something behind her. “I need something. I don’t know – what. I don’t understand. I’m so thirsty. I feel so empty.” Her elfish abdomen bows beneath her. She looks at his cock. “It’s so beautiful, so full. Please don’t put anything on it.” She turns, she begins to lap the milk, her pussy lifted behind. Her stomach muscles ripple as she swallows the milk. Her engorged nipples brush the wooden floor again.

His heart rings in his ears. He lets go of the condom; lets it settle back in his pocket.

He moves behind her, as though he were sneaking up on her as she laps the milk. He lowers himself to his knees, between her open thighs. He places one hand, slowly and carefully between her shoulder blades, at the top of her spine, to prevent her from rising up. Then he lifts her tail, uncovering her pink pussy. She jumps, startled, but his other hand prevents her from rising. “It’s ok,” he says. “Keep drinking your milk. You’re in heat little pussy. It’s normal. I’ll take care of it for you. I know just what you need in your belly. I’m full and I’ll put it in. Just keep lapping the milk.”

She bites her lips and slowly lowers her pink tongue to the white milk just as the broad round crown of his cock presses and begins to push apart the divide of her lips. She opens her mouth, her lips touching the surface of the milk as his cock enters her from behind. Then her eyes half close as her slender abdomen is filled and the tip nudges the heat in her belly. He draws back and thrusts forward. He holds her left shoulder. He keeps her tail lifted with the other hand. She mews and tenses with the width and length of the thing inside her. He thrusts again and again. Milk splashes her chin and the tip of her nose. Her eyes are open with suprise. She claws the floor but he won’t stop. The weight of his balls swing against her protruding clit. And then her eyes roll, her back bends into a tight U and her smooth abs are jolted by spasms. He gushes deeply in her upturned belly.

She finally exhales.

The heat is cooled though his length is still inside her. She laps at the milk. Then she lays her head beside the saucer, looking back at her lover. Milk covers her nose and chin and semen, from her overfull womb, wells up between the lips of her pussy and begins to mat, darken and streak the thighs of her pink costume.

“What happened?” She asks with a sphinx-like smile.

“You were in heat.”

“You put something inside me to make it go away?”

“Oh yes.”

“It feels so warm, lush and round inside me.”

“Still thirsty?”

“Still want to go to the party?”

“I called.”


“When I got milk.”

“You told them we weren’t coming?”


“What did you say?”

“I couldn’t help it. I’m a guy. When his girl is a little pussy, a wolf has to do what wolves do.”

  • And now that you’ve finished the story, here’s a cute little treat I just noticed.

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  1. Caitlinn

    Will, I loved this, as I have loved all of your back catalogue, thank you for brightening an otherwise dull Sunday xx

  2. vanillamom


    whoa…that was freaking *awesome* Will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lotta exclamations there…and, um…i may be …purrring…)

    So many great images in there…the big, “bad” wolf, knowing just how to help his pussy in heat…so many mixed fairy tails…oops, tales…this was a delight.

    No one does this like you do, Will.



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