• Pussy

    Pussy a definition by Redbud The background is a Georgia O’Keeffe. The image I really wanted to use, but was too hesitant to ask for, can be viewed here, the artist’s name is Laura Hollick. And for non-English speaking readers, click below for the Google translatable text.

  • Tentacle & the In-Laws

    Tentacle & the In-Laws Yet another tastelessly terrible tale of Tentacular transgression by Redbud Warning: This story is only for seasoned readers of Tentacle erotica. Beware. And those bookends, you can own them. Yes. You, and we both know who you are. You want them. The Tentacle is everywhere. Just click on the image. July… Continue Reading

  • One Sentence Sex ✍ Innocent

    Tell me you don’t provoke him, tease him, show him your tits and lift your ass just so, girl, as you suck his cock, and look at him with such confusion, knowing there will be one last lick of the tongue, one last nervous bite of your lip, one last innocent flutter of your eyes… Continue Reading

  • said the pope to the nun

    Said the Pope to the nun from Toulouse Your Trinity’s holey to use Come sit on my knee You’re absolved by the See (To myself I’ll confess once I choose). In the last three days, this is all the ever-industrious Anonymous has had time to write. This limerick is lovingly dedicated to that black kettle… Continue Reading

  • The Girl from Montrose

    There once was a girl from Montrose Who was stuck in a Sutra-like pose ····She said — Christ, get a clue! ····And she sneezed — ACHOO! You’ve put the damned thing up my nose! Any attempt to trace this to its original author will be met with stone-walling and categorical denial. This was found in the third… Continue Reading

  • Triangle

    ♠ This story’s got a little of everything that I know our audience loves. Enjoy. -X “Good evening,” he said unctuously as he let her in. His apartment smelled of weed and scented candles. “Shut the fuck up.”  She threw her bag on his sofa and kicked off her heels. She was halfway through taking… Continue Reading