Guest Story by Pandora Bleue: Can We Make You Lunch?

While we don’t do book reviews, per se on our site we do welcome stories and other works from guest authors, and we have one for you today. 

Pandora Bleue contacted us recently with a hot little chapter from her upcoming book, and I’m pleased to be able to share it. I think one of our raisons d’etre on this blog is to share and encourage each other and other erotic writers. So, enjoy this little tease from Pandora, visit her blog, and be on the lookout for her book later this summer. –M

An Excerpt from Tales of Fire: pages from my personal diary by Pandora Bleue

Chapter 14            


Can We Make You Lunch?

Scivu, Sardinia 1989

                  I played with the colors dancing on my eyes by squeezing the lids shut tighter so the light peeking through would swirl red or yellow or deep magenta under the blazing afternoon sun. I hadn’t been this tan in years and certainly not over so much of my body, but the privacy and the lure of the deck made me want to feel the sun everywhere. The sun, for me,  is an aphrodisiac, never having reached that almost too warm skin sensation and not fought the urge to peel off the fabric to bare what my bikini is covering and find a way to feed the cat.

                  Getting squirmy now, I shaded my eyes against the Sardinian sun and had a look around to see what the others were up to. Luca was lying on the deck with a rolled up towel under his head, one knee bent and a tanned foot flat on the wood surface. He was lost in the gentle rocking of the sailboat on the water, drifting in and out of slumber. God, he was a fun. His long swimmer’s body; all hidden steel muscles when he was elongated like this, was deceiving in its soft look. Later, when he would bring himself up to prop on his elbow and have a look around, those now long muscles in his back and arms will coil and form rock hard ridges, defined and delineated beneath his coppery skin and when I see that happen on a body like that, I coil a muscle too, deep between my legs.

I rose up from the floor of the deck and headed towards the galley in search of something cold to drink, leaving my discarded top on my towel. In the cool shade below deck, I braced my arm on the upper cupboard while I leaned in towards the chill air of the fridge. Gina wandered in and draped her body over my back, cupping my breasts like a makeshift bra as they hung down and looked over the food in the box along with me.

“What’s looks good in there?” she asked while she dropped her chin to my back, pressing the flesh of her body onto me. Luca had a crew policy that he playfully endorsed whenever there was a private place to moor, and sometimes under sail when he was feeling the salt air call to his inner pirate: no tops on deck.

“Not a big selection; some yogurt, a little fruit, a few carrots, water, some fruit juice. We really need to make a run to the market when we dock.” She abandoned my breasts and started rummaging through the cupboards and listed off the finds. “Peanut butter, very little coffee, honey, a few cans of soup, some crackers. Ugh, you’re right; we need a market visit before tonight. What are you hungry for?”

“No idea. I could eat something, but I think I’m hungrier for a little Luca sandwich.” I teased.  A giggle escaped her throat. “I know! He’s so yummy. I could just eat him up.” She purred and the sound rolled into a wicked chuckle.

She leaned out the door and called up to the deck. “Luca! Can we make you lunch?”

“Si! That would be great. Gina? Can you bring up water, also?” he called back down.

“Of course. We’ll be right up.”

I could almost see the plan formulating behind those chocolate eyes. “No!” I said. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?’

She grabbed the plastic bottle of honey from the shelf and waggled her eyebrows at me. We dashed around the small galley, laughing, while collecting “interesting” foods by texture and thickness for our Luca lunch. I found a tray to carry our goodies and we headed back up on deck into the hot sun.

He was sitting up when we got there, shading his eyes with an arm thrown across his forehead when Gina handed him the water bottle and he twisted the cap off to take a drink. I had settled the cloth covered tray on a deck chair and lowering the bottle from the long drink he had taken, he wiped his mouth with his wrist asking what we had found.

Gina took the water bottle from his hands and gently pushed him back down on the deck and she reached for the sides of his swim trunks. She began to slide them down his long legs making him laugh and then she shared her menu plan. “We are going to make you, lunch.”

Revealing the tray’s contents, I selected the vanilla yogurt and with a serving spoon, I took a healthy portion and proceeded to deposit it along the length of his awakening cock. While I slipped out of my string bikini bottom, Gina had the honey bottle and she used it like a cake decorator would and wrote yummy in a thin line from his neck down to his balls while he laughed and called us gatti selvaticis.

Sliding my tongue down the shaft of his cock before the yogurt slipped off his body, he moaned and laughed at the same time that Gina caught his throat with a nip and began to lick the honey she had dribbled there. We savored our Luca lunch and when Gina arrived at my location, I added more yogurt and together we licked our way up the sides of his now rock hard cock and took turns sliding it into our mouths, stopping occasionally to swirl our yogurt and Luca coated tongues together and find our way back down towards the hot sacks below. We each pulled one into our mouths and gently rolled our tongues around it. Up we went again, twining tongues and licking the shaft while Luca undulated as he laughed and growled at our attention to our food.

On her knees beside him and bending forward to her task, his hand found the moist cave of Gina’s sex and with one hand massaging her rounded ass, he dipped and plunged and strummed her pussy with the other.  We brought him to a climax there in the hot day sun and with the remains of the yogurt, honey and salty taste of Luca on my face I slithered my way up his body to share the flavor with our captain.

Never one to miss an opportunity, I felt a cold dollop of yogurt on the shallow of my back and Gina’s teeth as she nipped my ass on her way to her meal. She licked at the yogurt and with her tongue, she sent it on a journey between my cheeks and dancing across my bud and down to where it coated my cunt and then she followed, cleaning the cool sweet sauce as she went. Luca held me there massaging my back with long strokes from shoulder to ass as Gina dipped her tongue inside me and sucked the yogurt from my arousal swollen lower lips.

Luca slipped out from under me and reached for a ripened peach. He took a juicy bite above me and together, he and Gina turned me onto my back. He let the juice from the peach fall down onto my body and having pulled the stone from the fruit and tossed it over board; he ran the wet flesh of the peach around my nipples and chased the juice with his tongue, leaving some for Gina. I watched these two, my  summer lovers, as they feasted and nipped and licked their way across my body and I threw my head back and up to the hot sun and let the sensation wash over me like a wave. I ran my hands through their hair as they went, watching when their tongues met at the middle of my legs, now spread wide as Luca lifted my pussy to his mouth with his hands under my ass. He rubbed the peach against my cunt and lapped the juice away and Gina got the peanut butter and spread a finger full on each of my nipples and took her time licking and sucking them clean again. When peach juice was thoroughly mixed with my own juice I’d offered with my orgasm, I reached for Gina and hauled her up to my mouth and with her legs straddling me, we kissed passionately while Luca raised her to her knees above me and took her from behind.

He came again, inside her, and they collapsed forward, with me beneath them both, but I took their weight, too exhausted to complain. When it became hard to breathe, they laughed with me and rolled off my sated body.

“We need to go to town for more food, Luca.” I told him as I drank the last of my Pelligrino. He agreed.

Gina looked over at us while she brushed her wild and tangled golden hair back over her shoulder saying, “That’s fine you two, but tonight, dinner is on me.”

I laughed out loud and getting to my feet, ran to the side and launched myself out into the air and dove down beneath the blue waters of this deep and private cove on the Costa Verde.

Pandora Bleue is a writer, poet and photographer. After 50 plus years, she considers herself to be a true connoisseur of life. She surrounds her private world with beauty and wonder in her Midwestern American home and always keeps her passport close at hand in case the road calls her out again.

She hopes that readers use her writing to change the way they see themselves and especially the way they see the older women around them, who have been there, done that and remember every delicious moment like it was yesterday.

She is currently working on other projects as well as a sequel to Tales of Fire, which will be on sale August, 2012 at Amazon, NookBooks, and the Apple iBookstore. ISBN: 978-0-615-66618-1

Visit Pandora’s Blog Here.

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