• Tototikli • 3

    Tototikli · 3 A little erotic novelette by Redbud This continues the first two “chapters”: Tototikli · 1 & Tototikli · 2. I let the first two chapters languish for about two years, but now I’m determined to finish the little story. Please be sure and comment if you like the story, and even if you don’t. Your comments encourage… Continue Reading

  • Your Voice

    More felt than heard It cut cleanly Into where I had hidden the most precious parts of myself A tangled mess of worn out hopes and Sorrows grown glossy with handling Rough and bleached pale they are gritty to the touch Covered with a fine salty dust that billows around my head Settles in my… Continue Reading

  • PaintHER

    “You have such beautiful hair.” She raked her fingers through his light brown ponytail. He nearly dropped his paper cup of punch. “Oops, I’m sorry! I’ve been told I have an issue with impulse control.” “People touch my hair all the time.” He tugged on the beaded leather thong that tied it back. “It’s okay.”… Continue Reading

  • Tentacle Eats In

    Tentacle Eats In Another titillating Tentacular travesty by Redbud  October 9th 2017: Just edited this story. Hope I’ve improved it. I changed the narrative from second person to third. The fourth story in the continuing, terrifyingly twisted travels of Tentacles (look here for the others). I won’t tell you how to read this story — it could… Continue Reading