Erotica by Redbud

  • This is the last of the rewrites I’ll be posting (the last story for the Erotic Writer anthology). I’ve got more editing to do but that will be for my next book — all the Daydreams & Distractions. Anyone interested can keep track of which stories I have edited by visiting my page (see above). 45 was one of my earliest stories for Erotic Writer and has also been very popular. It’s similar, in certain ways, to “A Good Girl”. All new stories to follow.

The small meeting room gradually filled with parents and students.
“Is that really you, Shandra?”
“Yeah,” the young woman answered.
“You’re a senior?” The older man was incredulous. Divorced, having lived out of state, he hardly recognized his daughter’s best friend.
“Can you believe it?” Shandra’s mother beamed. “My little baby.”
“Mom!” Shandra rolled her eyes.
“You look a little nervous,” the father smiled. The young woman looked flushed. “I could never speak in front of people.”
The girl laughed. “No. We thought we were late. We ran.”

45 Minutes Before

“Oh my God, I thought Mom would never leave.”
Shandra’s boyfriend, Matthew, followed her into the kitchen. She hurriedly picked up a book, notes and a spiral notepad.
“What time do you need to be there?”
“Like, now!” she snapped. “Seriously.”
“It’s only five minutes from here!” Shandra’s boyfriend palmed her hip, then cupped her ass. “God but you’ve got a cute ass.”
“Seriously. Like, right now. We have to go!”
“Face me.”
She turned. He pushed her books out of her hands and back to the table. He shoved her backwards until the table’s edge pressed into her ass. They kissed and she matched his passion, her kisses as urgent as his. His hands moved over her small breasts, feeling her nipples through the black dress. She pressed his pelvis into hers, pulling him by his ass. “I can’t.”
“I want to fuck you.”
Her eyes fluttered. She wanted to sit on the table’s edge, to open her legs. “I can’t,” she said again.

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  1. Change My Body...Change My Life

    I have been thinking about this piece since I read it this morning. Definitely got under my skin.

    • In a way, yes. I think it was the juxtaposition of these two sides of her personality/life. The good responsible young lady vs. the kinky slut within. Your choice of words and description drew out the differences in those two sides and made the situations very clear. Interestingly, you were also able to clearly convey the conflicting emotions of the two characters with this style – the hunger, the need for possession vs nervousness, pride. I enjoy your writing style very much.

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