• 45

    45 Erotica by Redbud This is the last of the rewrites I’ll be posting (the last story for the Erotic Writer anthology). I’ve got more editing to do but that will be for my next book — all the Daydreams & Distractions. Anyone interested can keep track of which stories I have edited by visiting my page (see above). 45 was one of… Continue Reading

  • Feline

    I’m not dead. I’m not writing much new at the moment, though I am editing older things. This was a set of three 5-line poems /gogyohkas on Microlensing, but I think they work reasonably together as a whole. –M When I bit your thigh it looked like a leopard spot but then real leopards are many… Continue Reading

  • Tug of [Love]

    He watched her silently, still indolent with his orgasm. She was about to get up when he tugged at a tendril of her hair hard enough to make her sit back down. “What’re you doing?” She slapped his hand. “Why are you in such a hot rush to leave? I trust you had a good… Continue Reading

  • Berries

    Berries An Erotic Fantasia by Redbud  I’m subscribed to the Erotic Writer’s Association mailing list. Every week I get notices from publishers mostly seeking longer short stories for their anthologies. How does one classify a story like this? Is it even a story? Every so often Monocle and I get requests and complaints from readers… Continue Reading

  • Inspired by Women

    Another one of my occasional diversions from Erotic Fiction. Although some visitors to Metin Demiralay’s site take issue with the way the artist/photographer edits and re-imagines his photographs, I like them. I think they’re beautiful. They’re a testament to a man in love with the beauty of women – in love with their outer and their inner beauty.