One Sentence Sex ✍ Wings

····he asks,
····womb is still
····the flood
····of his orgasm, when  
····what it
····was like
····why he can’t
····that have
····her shoulders;
····they have spread and opened


Latest Comments

  1. paul1510 says:

    you are on a roll, great!

  2. monkey says:

    Beautiful…I wondered how you know these things? It’s not the first time I’ve read your work and wondered that.

  3. Adult Toys says:

    Enough said i think.. !

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lovely words…paired with a lovely image. I can easily identify with this piece. There are times, indeed, when I wish he could see my “wings”…but he must simply be appeased with the glow and the satisfied smile on my face. Likewise, I’m sure I see only a part of what really happens to him. Words – though important to communication – do not convey well that which cannot be seen. It is the poet’s job to attempt it – and you have done that beautifully, and succinctly, here.

  5. ButtonFly Books says:

    Lovely! I appreciate the picture that this brings to mind. It makes me smile

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