Bread & Water

Bread & Water
An erotic doodle by Redbud

  • My muse looks for her next erotic story. It’s been a while and I’m feeling rusty. Summer is never a productive time. Anyway, to all, sorry I’ve been away so long.

“Are you coming too?” she asked.


She glanced at her boyfriend in the mirror.

He was sitting on the edge of her bed, watching her dress, chewing on a toothpick. Friends waited for them outside the apartment. She tugged her sleeveless T down tight over her breasts. Her boyfriend was quiet. He’d arrived before she was dressed, after yoga and a shower. She could hear her friends outside and below the window. Her clean laundry was dumped in a pile at the bottom of the open closet. She bent over.

One of her apartment mates called from the kitchen, “Do you know where the bottle opener is?”
“It’s in the dishwasher!”
“Who the hell puts a bottle opener in a dishwasher?” Her housemate asked rhetorically.
She found her panties.

She turned to her boyfriend, wiggling them up her legs and over her hips. “Did you say something?”


That’s when she knew. She felt the necessity, like thirst for breath or water. She turned.

A warm breeze blew through the open window. She smelled cut grass and heard wind in the early summer’s leaves. She tugged her jean shorts over her hips, left then right, and buckled their slender leather belt. All the while, her boyfriend watched from the edge of the bed. She bit her lip.

She turned.

She rubbed her knees together. Their eyes met. She rose up and down on the balls of her feet. She glanced at the door, then at him, then hurried out and to the bathroom. She put on lipstick. Her hand shook. She put a little something in her eyelashes. Her hand still shook. She pushed down her jean shorts. She sat on the toilet, knees together, shins diagonal and peed.

She hurried back.

Her boyfriend watched her. He stood. She felt dizzy. She needed one last thing. She needed car keys. She brushed past him, then looked back. He stood behind her, waiting. She knelt with one knee on the mattress, she saw her purse half covered by the slipping bed sheets. She glanced back once more. She turned away, facing the wall. The palm of his hand pushed at the small of her back, forcing her to arch.

“Are you almost ready?” her friend called downstairs.
His other hand pulled the crotch of her shorts and panties aside. If he could have seen her expression, he would have seen her frown, her momentary confusion, then her mouth open wide, then her wide-eyed gaze flutter as the smooth, brown head of his cock opened and pushed into her from behind.

She gripped the sheets of the bed with the full length of him. Words weren’t necessary. He drew back and thrust hard. Their friends talked and waited for them just below her window. Each thrust was answered with her own stifled gasp. The bed sheet knotted between her fingers.

Then, unexpectedly, in the middle of a bright, sunny day, she orgasmed on a man’s cock. Another gust lifted the curtains of her window and she felt her lover’s twitch. He warmly poured himself into her. She waited. He held her a little longer. She waited and then he slowly withdrew. He zipped the fly of his jeans.

“What’s taking you?” her house mate called .

“I needed a minute!” She widened her stance. She stood on tiptoe and moved the crotch of her shorts back over her pussy.

Her hips swung. She was liquid with the quick lovemaking. Call it the first time she had ever had sex: when words weren’t necessary; when the need was understood, when the sex was like breathing, like laughter, or like bread and water.

Latest Comments

  1. paul1510 says:

    Will, you don’t seem rusty to me, this is very good.

    • willcrimson says:

      Thanks Paul. I usually write ten pages in the time it took me to write this doodle. I have been writing, just not erotica, but thanks. :-)

  2. Change My Body...Change My Life says:

    Beautifully written, deeply erotic.

  3. Shana says:

    Awesome story….erotically written. Oh, I miss those days of secret sex with people cluelessly nearby.

  4. Thalia says:

    Will, your best writing expresses the senses experienced directly– sight, sound,smell. It snapshots a moment in time. You show her actions, not “tell” and it’s so natural and recognizable that it draws the reader into the story.
    While this doesn’t have an thematic arc, it’s a warm vignette and very sexy.
    Thank you

  5. Fred Walls says:

    I have only recently stumbled upon your stories. I think that in this one you convey a good sense of reality in the way you depict feelings. So much sexier that the cruder mechanical action-oriented descriptions of some writers. I look forward to a few sessions catching up on your back catalog.
    Thanks, Fred.

    • willcrimson says:

      Thanks Fred. I look forward to whatever else you feel like commenting on. I answer them all, no matter how old the story. As to the cruder mechanical stuff — you should see my earliest stories. :-)

  6. wordsmithingimp says:

    That’s probably the most erotic description I’ve ever read of someone putting their clothes -on.-

  7. Tracy says:

    It was a nice treat to see (read) this story. It reminded me of my partner and I. Words are not always necessary. A certain look, a piece of clothing usw.
    Wanting and not being able to wait. I found this very sexy.
    Maybe because it is something that I always want to (erleben) experience. I cannot think
    of the correct English word.
    Liebe Gruesse,

    • willcrimson says:

      During moments like these I think we communicate in a profoundly physical way — which can be its own kind of spirituality. Erleben is the right word. :-) Ich soll versuchen mindistens einmal auf Deutsch zu schreiben.

  8. vanillamom says:

    oh Will…

    your muse may have been playing hide n seek with you, rather than sleeping…this was magnificent! Much more like a snapshot than words.

    I’m sorry I’ve not had time to read much (anywhere)….it’s been a crazy spring…so very, very glad, I started *here*…


    • willcrimson says:

      Oh good, thanks Nilla. If you had given up on me, I wouldn’t have blamed you. It’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one set back by the craziness of spring.

    • vanillamom says:

      I’d never give up on you, my dear friend! Time is slipping through my fingers like water over Niagara Falls…Summer hopes to slow a bit, but we shall see…

      But…I’ll always catch up… :)


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