• One Sentence Sex ✍ Wings

    When ····he asks, ····afterward, when ····her ····womb is still hot ····with ····the flood ····of his orgasm, when   he ····asks ····what it ····was like she ····wonders ····why he can’t see ····the ····wings ····that have sprouted ····from ····her shoulders; ····how ····they have spread and opened ····so beautifully ·

  • Pygmalian

    Pygmalian An erotic short story by Redbud I’ve edited this story from beginning to end and mildly altered the sex at the story’s close. Mostly, I’ve strictly curtailed the use of speech appellations like ‘he said’ or ‘she said’. They are largely unnecessary and a mark of haste. This is in preparation for publication (or… Continue Reading

  • Waiting for the Ferry

    Waiting for the Ferry A Second Erotic Doodle by Redbud She couldn’t say why. She was lying on her side, in grass. Her boyfriend was leaning back against a cedar, knees up, legs open. Their bikes, with their panniers, rack trunks, tent and gear leaned against the cedar’s backside. They had biked 46 miles. Their… Continue Reading

  • Bread & Water

    Bread & Water An erotic doodle by Redbud My muse looks for her next erotic story. It’s been a while and I’m feeling rusty. Summer is never a productive time. Anyway, to all, sorry I’ve been away so long. “Are you coming too?” she asked. “Yeah.” She glanced at her boyfriend in the mirror. He… Continue Reading

  • Tempting Fate

    ♦ The question is…should I keep going? -X   “Keep still!” She slapped him. His belly made a hollow plop that made him flush. “You’re really blushing,” she said, cracking a lopsided grin. She continued rubbing her cheeks against his calf. The golden hairs crackled against her skin. “Why?” She pressed her fingertips into the… Continue Reading

  • Pills & Booze

    He slammed the door knowing it wouldn’t wake her and zigzagged to the bathroom for a piss. The whole world had a yellow cast. It was a feeling that had stained everything. His head was already starting to hurt and he pushed down the regret he always felt when he’d drunk too much. His whole… Continue Reading

  • Poison

    ♦ I don’t quite know where this came from. Maybe it’s the steady diet of fashion/health magazines I force myself to read when I’ve forgotten to take a book to work. Everyone can can be thinner, happier, more stylish…and some go to darker extremes to get the attention they feel they deserve. – X “You… Continue Reading