• In The City

    ♠ A little interlude I wrote a while back for a friend curious about my writing. Enjoy.   She smiled dreamily as he gave the girl their order. “…and a nonfat double capp, wet.” He knew her well. The navigated the worn sofa islands until they reached a booth against the back wall in a… Continue Reading

  • Last Day of Summer

    ♦ Fair warning: this is another bit of dark fiction that’s been scratching away in my mind for a while. To put it bluntly, I feared that people would misconstrue my intent and throw either righteous rage [or even worse] lust in my direction… Reading Aisling Weaver’s well-crafted story The Confession finally gave me the… Continue Reading

  • (un)Molt

    Homo Sapiens Is the one species That can shed its skin For the time being Then unmolt again The superficial Stripping and donning Of blinds and costumes; The coy play of masks – Only metaphor We unbind, unhinge Unfilter and break In moments of need. Step forward, and back To primal beings When at last… Continue Reading

  • Red Flag

    ♠ I struggled with this. The little stereotypical feminist who still has the audacity to reside in the back of my brain was screaming and knocking things over… I could barely hear myself write. – X     The air in his study was scented with book dust and the ghost of his russet flesh.… Continue Reading

  • A Bit of a Tangle

    I took the story down because…well you’ll see at the end. This was the result of much of this week’s 15-minute at a time exercise. 5 of the 7 days’s time went into it. It’s not going to blow any doors off, but the idea started with something that gave me a chuckle. You’ll see.… Continue Reading

  • Solo

    ♠ This fantasy brought to you, at least partially, by the second part of Redbud’s Reader’s Request story in the Obsidian Lens. If you haven’t read it… get on that.  -X An Erotic Quickie by Ximena ♦ ♦ [She shuts her laptop and turns off her lamp. After a moment of hesitation, she reaches underneath… Continue Reading