Did you just speak?

  • Every time I post these I write that I don’t normally post videos unless they’re really worth watching. We’re a story site after all. However, after all our talk of rape verses non-consensual sex, reality verses fiction, and just the ins and outs of sexual play and imagination, I couldn’t resist posting this. I like to think that this is how I write my erotic stories — playful and with a sense of humor). Let me know what you think.

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  1. ximenawrites

    I absolutely LOVED it!

    At first I thought she was too demanding, which was strange since I’m such a loud “communicate what you want/need” advocate. I started feeling self-conscious for finding her irritating.

    Is that what I sound like? (not necessarily about piss, but you get it.)

    Even if it didn’t work out the way she’d envisioned in her filthy fantasies, it was sweet that he was willing to go there with her.

    • Yeah, that was sort of my reaction too! I’ve been with women like that, micro-managing everything; but I didn’t think she was so bad. I laughed at several points but it reminded me of my experiences like this. I once had a girlfriend who wanted me to talk dirty — really dirty, and call her names. So I did. I guess I’m a good actor. Afterward, her feelings were hurt and she didn’t want to talk to me. [Roll eyes.] So, I’m asking myself, where am I supposed to go with that?

    • ximenawrites

      My history with filthy talk is complex. It has always turned me on – it figured in my fantasies even when I was a virgin. At the same time, if I’m *really* into the fuck, I usually can’t muster anything more than “uungh.”

      I’m a smutty talk switch, so to speak.

      The first woman I was with hated it – both giving and receiving – so I stopped. Then, the next woman loved it and wanted me to but I she had me in the perpetual “uungh” state, so I was slow on the draw. The next didn’t like it, then the person after that could get off on talking alone…and it went on until the moment I was too exhausted to censor myself anymore.

      I’ve come to a point where I warn people beforehand:

      “It might get raw. Don’t take it personally – it means you do it for me.”


  2. paul1510

    I have already seen this.
    This video teaches an important lesson, trying to fulfill ones lifelong fantasies with a new partner can spell disaster, baby steps is the answer.
    And Will, your experience with dirty talking, isn’t that unusual. ;)

  3. vanillamom

    Oh! funny and tender and sweet and…it struck all the right chords…a fledgling coming out, coming aware…

    oh, i did love this!


  4. vanillamom

    And X and Will?

    i’m right there with the raw dirty nasty sex talk…it makes me hotternhell…and yet He likes me best when HE talks dirty, but has reduced me to speaking in tongue… *laughs*

    that’s pretty much a win-win in my book…


  5. ladygrinsoul

    Superb find! I thoroughly enjoyed that. I guess my only personal issue in a situation like that is that I’d want him to WANT to do it… but then, you can’t have everything I guess. Great little film though.

  6. Hear, hear … for this video showing the courage and tenacity to ask for a core need/want/desire.
    I specifically liked that she was not embarrassed for wanting a nontraditional sexual element. Especially, when things looked as if they were going entirely in the wrong direction. The power of a couple trying to please. I loved it.

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