Casualties: The Closing of a Press

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this. Republica Press, my publishing home since 2009 will close its virtual doors at the end of March. The future of my books, and those of the other authors at Republica is a bit up in the air. My books all revert to me, but I don’t fully know what then. There is the possibility that the Amazon presence can stay for some time longer, and that the name of the press may be transferrable to some other entity. But that’ still in “Work To Be Done”.

I may find another home for my publications, though I doubt I could find a more welcoming one than RP has been. I’ve been proud to call Republica my Press, and my House. Emma and Aaron made it a place proud to push the boundaries – publishing my Nightmares and Visions, Remittance Girl’s Gaijin, and other books dealing with some of the rougher edges of erotica. I don’t know what other entities, if any, will – or can – rise to fill its place.

There were many factors that are not mine to share that led to the decision, though I do understand them. It’s not only because of the PayPal debacle, though that was the last straw, and for that I lay a significant part of the blame for Republica’s demise at PayPal’s feet. PayPal was Republica’s payment company and PayPal’s ultimatum of corporate censorship attacked Republica for the very spirit of tolerance and broadmindedness that made it possible for me to publish at all.

I’m terribly sad. As it stands, purchases through Republica until the end of March can continue and will be honored. Republica books will be up on Amazon probably past the end of March, but the RP site will go dormant after March 31. Specific details will be published at the press’ website soon.

While a little cash has been nice, I never published for the money. I published for the fact of it. For reaching a bit of a new audience of readers. For having my writing of the last decade-plus tied into some nice bows. For having a place to say ‘that’s where you can find my books’. And I published because Emma in particular believed in my writing and encouraged me to.

So, there’s sorrow to feel and sorting out to do. No story like this is ever over until it’s over. But I wanted to give Emma and Aaron my deepest thanks and gratitude for everything they’ve done for me, and for others.

If you’ve been interested in buying any of my books, now’s the time. I’ve decided to donate half of my royalty for this last quarter to the hearteater charity, WaterAid, and the other half to help out at Republica, as my thanks. If you buy any of my smut, you’ll be giving money to an excellent charity, and to kind hearts who believe in the freedom to write and read anything and everything.

With gratitude,


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Republica Press
Monocle at Republica Press

Latest Comments

  1. Rock_117 says:

    Omg Raz im sorry to hear that. I always have a bad day when some form of expression is smothered, but ALL of RP? Whats safe? Seriously what is the world coming to these days? People can sell bootlegged stuff from china on ebay (VIA what payment service, now?) scott free and here is RP getting hassled for authors publishing their own creations. Where is the justice?

    I got N+V and Etheral when they first got out, I just had to have them. With this incentive I might just go town with the whole lot this week. You’ll all pull through this, I believe in you. The internet is a big place, there are surely others that will play ball.

    See, Ximena? This is where it all starts- next it will be the porn, the cussing, the contraceptives, and before you know it, we’ll all have arranged life partners whether we like it or not!
    Game over, man, game over!

    Unless we all go all like Christian Bale stlye in Equilibrium and burn the system down with an armed uprising. If push comes to shove, I’m down with that.

    • Monocle says:

      Greatly appreciated, Rock. I do think we – both Republica authors and the writing/reading community in general _can_ claw back from this edge. I think, like recent blowhard pundits, PayPal is pushing too far, and there will be counter-acting movement.

      Take a look here for one such current:

  2. Anjasa says:

    This is very, very sad. I’m sorry to hear of this for so many reasons.

    I want there to be more options for those that push the boundaries of good taste – especially by skilled writers who know how to wind in a lot of excellent stories along with their heavy hitting erotic scenes.

    Please keep us updated on what happens with your books.

  3. willcrimson says:

    Sorry to hear it, Raziel, but you know me: I’m always of the mind that where one door closes, another will open. There are authors who want to sell their material and there are readers who want to read it. That’s all that matters in the end.

    • Monocle says:

      True for sure. I think, this time, I want to be part of opening – and pegging open that door. We’ll see what comes of it.

  4. B.Z.R. Vukovina says:

    Sad to hear. I’m used to paper presses closing down, not electronic ones—at least not ones I’ve heard of.

    If push comes to shove, there’s always the option of switching to bitcoins and selling on the Silk Road…

  5. paul1510 says:

    It’s always bad news when publishers are forced to close for moral reasons (sic).
    As RG says the reasons are more political than moral.
    Wherever you and others like you publish i will find you.

  6. Abyssal says:

    Tough break with the publisher :-( Nice to know some of that money is going where it’s badly needed. Certainly justifies the purchase for me. (Like I needed much of one in the first place, haha.) Keep on writing! I’ll keep reading!

  7. The Waiting Patient says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that, Raz. I’ve never visited RP, but I owe them a lot for getting you to publication. This moral enforcement from Paypal is completely unreasonable and heavy handed; sorry that you (and all your readers!) have to suffer for it.
    Being the greedy reader I am, I’ve grabbed all your Kindle books tonight so that I’ve got copies no matter what happens.

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