• An Innocent Mistake

    ♥ Assuming makes as ass out of you and me. – X “It was just an accident.” Her brown hair snaked sinuously over her breasts. She didn’t dare look me in the eye. “What are you talking about?” I hoped I didn’t know what she meant. “Last night. This morning. You know…” Her voice faded… Continue Reading

  • Did you just speak?

    Every time I post these I write that I don’t normally post videos unless they’re really worth watching. We’re a story site after all. However, after all our talk of rape verses non-consensual sex, reality verses fiction, and just the ins and outs of sexual play and imagination, I couldn’t resist posting this. I like… Continue Reading

  • Incestuous

    Incestual · Erotica by Redbud This is the third story in what I’ve written to be a trilogy: Non-Consensual, Beastial and Incestual. If any of you have been following the Paypal controversy, then you know that Paypal has refused to transact erotica containing any three of these themes. I wanted to write three short stories that… Continue Reading

  • Tooth

    ♥ This is inspired by something I read in our search engine terms,  ‘tooth fairy licked my pussy’. I simply couldn’t resist seeing where the prompt would take me. Enjoy! – X My head was full of cotton. “Do you want me to nick a couple of pillows from the guest room for you?” Frank… Continue Reading