The Still Pond

Have you ever watched fish moving deep under a glass smooth pond? Or sat in the tub locked with your lover so long every little wave finally subsides? It doesn’t mean nothing’s going on under the surface. I’ve been pretty still for a long time, writing wise, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been doing nothing, and hopefully I’ll be breaking the surface in more ways than one over the next few months. This is more a news post than a smut post, but it’s news of smut, so hopefully it will appease somewhat. It’s actually lots of little items. I’ll go from the most immediate to the most far-looking.

1) Share the Love: Doing Good While Being Bad – the Coming Together Blog Tour

All through the month of February, 29 authors from Alessia Brio’s and Lisabet Sarai’s charitable erotica publishing house will be guest blogging about their writing and stories for CT, and about writing, and about erotica, and many other things. And there will be giveaways – of smut, and even of a Kindle Fire. I am participating in this cavalcade, and my very own spot will be February 25, when also be giving away one of my own e-books. The whole schedule is here. See how many of your favorite authors are participating and catch them on Lisabet’s blog:

Share the Love Schedule

1st – Alessia Brio
2nd – Lisabet Sarai
3rd – Remittance Girl
4th – Heather Lin
5th – Ann Regentin
6th – Victoria Blisse
7th – Lisabet Sarai
8th – Sacchi Green
9th – Gia Blue
10th – Xan West
10th – Xan West
11th – Erobintica
12th – Andrea Dale
13th – Jean Roberta
14th – Nobilis Reed
15th – Robert Buckley
16th – Brenna Lyons
17th – C. Sanchez-Garcia
18th – Amelia June
19th – M. Christian
20th – Teresa Lamai
21st – Tilly Greene
22nd – Giselle Renarde
23rd – Aliyah Burke
24th – Annabeth Leong
25th – Raziel Moore
26th – Allison Wonderland
27th – Gayle C. Straun
28th – Daniel Burnell
29th – Lee Benoit

2) Dirty Poetry at ERWA

I’m a member of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association  which is a great resource for, er, writers and readers of erotica. If you’ve not heard of it you should. There’s more information, excellent stories, calls for submissions, and general smut information there than you can shake an appendage at. They also have a few mailing lists, including one for writers to share work in progress, or finished works for critique in a group of peers. Every Sunday, the story list is for little pieces of flash fiction, and poetry. I’ve been asked to take on a stint as poetry editor there for the next six months, which I’m excited to do. I share stuff there myself – mostly a weekly summary of the filthier short pieces that show up on my Microlensing blog.

3) Publications

A few things on this front. I noted on our publications page a little while ago, I have a pair stories that haven’t ben posted anywhere before coming out in an anthology edited by Alison Tyler for Harlequin in August, an a third that should be in a separate antho by her to be announced later. In addition, I’m in the process of assembling one – or more ‘chapbook’ like publications of assorted erotic poetry, and joining in a 100-word antho edited by Ruby Kiddell of the Erotic Notebook. That one may be coming sooner rather than later.

4) Writing?

Gods, I hope so. I have ideas that are starting to fight to get out. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time. I know I have a blog post to write this month!




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