UPDATED (2) – Naughty or Nice, Let Me Stuff Your Stocking

UPDATE – 12/31/11 New Year’s Winners at the bottom of the post.

Dearest Readers,

I have a proposition for you as Solstice darkens, and Yule logs and miraculous oil lamps beat back the night with festivity. We Northerners find all kinds of ways to get warm this time of year, and Down Under it’s hot as blazes, so what’s a little more sweat?

As a small token of thanks to our readers, new and old, dabbling and deep, I would like to help end your 2011 with a bang, or several, and here’s how: I’m giving away books – and more. Three books, or rather coupons redeemable for any of my books available at Republica Press will be randomly selected from the commenters on this thread that meet the criteria.

“The criteria?!” you cry, “What are they?”

They are these:

  • In your comment, you need to name your favorite stories/poems/what-have-yous from each of The Erotic Writers (Monocle, Redbud, and Ximena), and say why they are your favorites. You don’t need to write an essay (though something deep and insightful might win an extra reward), but “because it was hot” or the like won’t count as sufficient.
  • Yes, you have to choose a favorite from each of us, or your entry doesn’t count. (I know! What a hardass.)
  • All stories/poetry/prose on the blog count.
  • Obsidian Lens stories are fine, but note your comments here will not be behind a password wall.
  • If you comment more than once, you’ll still be counted only once for the draw.
  • If you comment it is implicit you’re OK with my announcing  your chosen pseudonym/handle as the winner in this or a subsequent post.

When? I plan on drawing the first winner on Christmas Eve (though I don’t know my schedule, so I don’t know what time, exactly), and the second two winners on New Year’s Eve. The Christmas winner will be entered in the New Year’s drawing, and could win a second book. I’ll announce as soon as I can.

The books the winners may choose from are: Nightmares & Visions, Through a Tinted Lens, Through an Ethereal Lens, Through a Silvered Lens, Through a Haunted Lens, Tentacle Dreams, and Hearteater. More information on each is available on our Publications page linked above, or at Republica Press itself.

There’s a second Christmas Eve prize  as well! The second winner  can commission a story from Redbud — want a fairy tale eroticized? — always imagined a certain scenario? You name it.

So, what are your favorites and why?

And Happy Holidays from The Erotic Writer!

Monocle & Redbud

Xmas Eve Update – First Two Winners!

*** Free E-Book Winner ***: AtALoss 

(Your code will be coming via e-mail)

*** Redbud Custom Story Winner ***: AspiringWordsmith

(Info forthcoming)

Congratulations and Happy holidays!

Part 2 – two more E-Books given away – will be announced on New Year’s Eve. All current entrants, including today’s winners, are eligible, and ANY NEW ENTRANTS are welcome.

New Year’s Eve Update – Last Two Winners!

*** Free E-Book Winners ***: imaginaryalex and Paul Weimer

(Your codes will be coming via e-mail)

Congratulations and Happy New Year!

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  1. Mic

    How can I not give it a try?

    From Red, my obvious choice is the Pro-Life Hitman (though I do remember a certain polling company fondly). Reason? It was hot! No, really, the main reason is simply how bud applied his relatively fast-moving narrative to a theme that is rather uncommon for him. I wait with baited breath for his continuing contribution to obsidian-natured stories, but in my opinion he has yet to outdo himself in the realm of non-consent.

    Ximena was fairly difficult. From her, my favorite would probably be “It Happened on a Rainy Day.” The twist at the end is really what made the story for me, as it requires you to go back and realize that all these dangers the “victim” had were actually part of a game for her (up until that point, it seemed abnormally cliche for a ximena work). In that light, it follows many of her stories in the depth on the thought processes of the characters, and the complexity of their kinks.

    You, monocle, were the hardest to narrow down to a single story, but I would have to say my favorite from you is Upstairs. I really just can’t get enough of the idea of the unwilling participant in a game concept. The fact that Red’s Hitman also partially uses that probably explains why I love it so much. Plus the fact that the entire story is just the dialogue of one character was a fun change from your usual first person perspective, and occasional third person limited. That the “narrator” has such a sarcastically upbeat and positive tone also adds to the experience.

    • Monocle

      Wow! Thanks, Mic. That’s the stuff! It’s easy to see you’re a long time reader. Upstairs hasn’t seen light of day in years – though it’ll be coming to OL in January.

  2. Ximena – The first time I was taken from behind

    Ximena you have such a way with timing, thoughts, words and actions in this short moment in time. It should make any male dribble instantly and any woman become wet immediately remembering the first time they fucked from the rear. It is “Fucking, TOO!” From the rear could never be making love.

    What makes this Ximena’s best for me though is that it describes my first time fucking from the rear. I was middle-aged, dating long distance the beautiful woman I loved, still love and am married to. We were on our second go’round of a Saturday night with her daughter spending the night at a friend’s.

    She looked at me when I had just entered her and asked, ”Do you want to do it doggie?” in her low sultry voice and her eyes twinkling. I could not speak, then I could not breath, then I stared in her eyes and gasped, “Really?”

    She pushed me off, rolled over and bounced to her hands and knees, then Ximena, you says it all! Just reverse this woman’s emotions and see them through a male eyes and mind with him grabbing her waist instead of sheets. I can’t describe it any better than you have Ximena. All I could and still can say is ‘You’re amazing” when we collapsed gasping.

    Monocle – Start Without Me

    I am new to The Erotic Writer so I have a year or more of Your writing to read, Monocle. My favorite writings so far are protected noncons.

    However, the way you have written Start Without Me is so erotic, so entwined with pure sexual energy and so simple to take into my imagination that it is a total standout. thinking of Start Without Me in public would get embarrassing in much less than 10 seconds norm. What a great text message for me to send!

    I will continue to read your work and enjoy both sides of the Lens where it is safe for me to think those thoughts..

    willcrimson – 45

    willcrimson takes the two most defining moments of a young highschool couples’ life, High School Graduation and turning 18 with all of its privileges and focuses the moments of just before that life changing moment’s freeing act of sexual legality and self definition: to the first adult action either young person has taken, fucking with out protection; to and through the events immediately after there gasping sex while looking down on their high school from a cliff high above the auditorium; through the young woman’s accomplishments as one of that night’s speech honoring the graduating class’ standing excited, in her dress dripping with his cum and feeling like a woman at last.

    Who can’t become completely engulfed with the moment!

    Thanks again Monocle

    • Hey oldwyseguy, I guess you and I have similar tastes. You inspire me to confess the favorite stories of my co-writers, and Ximena’s The First Time I Was Taken From Behind has to be one of my favorites too. Her story was submitted as a guest and I was so Wow’d by the intimacy and intense eroticism of her writing that I immediately looked for her blog. When I couldn’t find one, I just as quickly invited her to join us. I love the way she draws me into her erotic imagination — a woman’s imagination. (I think women are better at erotica.) And you’re calling it ‘Fucking’ sums it up. There’s something about her letting us into her experience of that position that just defines the whole purpose of erotica. Every time she adds a new story I’m bowled over. She doesn’t stop getting better. Her last story, Siren, floored me.

      As to Monocle, it seems like every other story is one that I wish I’d written or meant to write. There’s one of his Nightmare’s and Visions that always stuck with me though. Rather than call it a favorite, I’ll call it the story that’s always stuck with me. I don’t know if it’s available except by purchasing his book; and I don’t remember which one. It begins with two women, both friends, who discover themselves tied together, their lips at each other’s pussies. Something like a dildo penetrates them both and is filled with semen. The rules? The woman who is made to come three times will be injected with semen. At first, the first woman tells her friend they’ll find a way to free themselves, then she feels the second woman quickly start to lick her. Let the game begin! For some reason, the premise of that story always stuck with me. There was another too — the girl who falls asleep in the train car and dreams of sex… but I could go on and on.

    • I believe thats Nightmares and Visions #40 – Insemination Competition. And yea, thats on the published collection. Was a bummer at the time but a small price to chip in to support my first and still favorite e-author! You rule, Raz-

  3. paul1510

    seasons greetings.
    My PC is in dock, I suffered a serious Trojan attack, so at the moment I have no notes.
    I’m not entering seeking free books.
    I hope that it goes well.

  4. AspiringWordsmith

    RedBud: The Porn Reader Demands Quality
    Sounds silly, but it was actually one of the first pieces I read on this blog, and the one that convinced me to dig deeper through your archives. After ages of wading through the horribly plotted and punctuated erotic fiction strewn across the internet, at last! A filthy writer with a sense of humor and an actual grasp of the English language. The imagery of the beer-belching protagonist is that one left me physically…shall we say, uninspired. But intellectually, I was all kinds of hot and bothered. Your tentacle series comes in close here too, since it made me simultaneously laugh and reach for my vibrator.
    Ximena: Thick
    This was one of your much earlier bits on this blog, and part of what made me so excited to read your new contributions. There’s just something about self-pleasuring that I find erotic beyond the obvious–masturbation orgasms have this lovely mingle of self-exploration and cozy familiarity. They feel like comfort food to my libido. If that makes sense. And you -nailed- that. Besides just paying masturbation a lovely homage, you also added in that tasty phone conversation with the object of her fantasies. My inner exhibitionist was thrilled.
    Monocle: Uncoiling
    This story slithers in my brain every time I read it. The writing is as slow and deliberate as the narrator, and the growing sense of…delightful wrongness, over the course of the thing makes the darker parts of my mind hum. Mmmph.
    I also shared it my lover about a month back, and he apparently decided to use it as inspiration when waking me up a few days ago. It was one of the loveliest mornings of my life. Thank you for your indirect hand in it.

  5. AtALoss

    Ximena- “Fat Tuesday” I know I said on Monday that “Siren” was my new favorite on the whole site, but it’s not something I can read everyday because it’s too emotional. FT, however is so life affirming in every way. And I’m a HUGE fan of modern/urban fairytales in which “they” walk amongst us generally unnoticed. I also love the “was that really Bacchus? Or just some man enjoying all the evening had to offer?” ending to the story.

    Monocle- “Spooning” followed by “Sunday Tease” As I’ve said before, I’ve been reading your stuff for years, and “Spooning” has always stood out to me. I love how Lyn managed to get what she needed from Matt without him waking. I love how Matt wakes up the next morning and goes “oh, heeey, let’s DO this”. And I especially love that it ends with both of them excited about a baby in the near future. I like “Sunday Tease” a lot too, and I kind of felt like it could be a follow up to “Spooning” even though it physically describes different people. And really, teasing is so, so much fun. Especially when you finally have to pay for it!

    Red Bud- I had to mentally debate which was my favorite because I’ve gone back and re- read so many since the site started, “Changing Room”, “The Parable”, “Beds” “Innocent Mistake 1&2” and of course the fairy tale rewrites. But I think my favorite would have to be “A Slave’s Tale”. I love the tale the two lovers spin together, especially her interjections of “nu-uh! It would happen like this!”

    Can you tell I’m a fan of insem/impreg?

    But seriously, all three of you, keep it up. And Merry Christmas-or-whatever-it-is-you-may-celebrate!

  6. Secret Garden by Ximena
    Like most stories of Ximena’s, this one carries the charm of it being possible/real. To me, this story is universal (accordingly); the characters are individually well defined but I relate to them both. I love the poetic quality, the contrast of the moment to the backdrop of this story as it is rightfully named ‘secret garden’ & ends with a secret. I especially enjoy the lustful uncertainty in the male character’s response to the female character’s tease.

    Grind by Redbud
    In this poetry/prose for me, words are ever fleeting & almost incoherent. The thought never stays long enough for me to understand & the imagery remains further, still, from my grasp. This piece is simplicity intricately woven to excite something primal in me whilst remaining delicately intimate. In simpler words the constant contrast of confusion while being firmly aware of reality (my interpretation of grind) reminds me of not making love but fucking someone I sincerely love & desire.

    Ghost by Monocle
    It is extremely difficult to state why I love this poem but as I’ve made a mess of explaining the others why should this be any different?
    This poem, Ghost appeals to the curiosities of death to which answers are situated in two places:
    1. Literature
    2. I’ll have to die to find out!
    My favorite aspect of this poem is that the characters continues to miss & remember each other ensuring that a connection remains. Thus a bittersweet phenomenon occurs – a love that exists between life & death, one I can only cruelly yearn for yet is oh so real for these characters. I could have chosen another adored piece from Monocle to rave about but none draws me in like Ghost, seducing me to sympathize with its characters as though I was an ignorant child.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share the reality I’ve imposed upon my favorite stories/poems.
    hope you all enjoy this yuletide!

  7. AtALoss

    Woohoo!! Thank you so much! I’m on my way to make my pick now! Although I’m sure that whatever my choice I’m now on the best kind of naughty list ;D

  8. AspiringWordsmith

    Man, I had an awful day yesterday and this has just brightened me right up. Thanks you guys, and happy holidays. :)

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