Daydreams & Distractions ❄ The Gift That Keeps on Giving

❄The Gift that keeps on Giving
A Daydream & Distraction by Redbud

  • This has gone through several revisions. I thought this might be worth a re-post. The latest revision moves the narrative voice back to third person (from second). In the very first version the elves and Santa were “real”. There was also a more non-consensual element, but mixing Santa’s elves with non-consensual erotica was like mixing pepper and sugar. I’m hoping I’ve gotten it right with this last revision. I also just discovered a great new illustration that went perfectly with the story. Click on the image to go to the artist’s original site. Enjoy.

He lightly squeezes her nipple between his fingers. “Let’s do it.”
“Not tonight. After New Years…”
“I want a hang-over…not morning sickness.”

He lies propped on one elbow. She strokes his cock, but not too quickly. His free hand moves from her nipple, lower, between her legs. He delicately presses  her clit under his thumb. She opens her legs.  “You want it,” he says.

“No. Not yet.”
“I don’t know.”
“Slow down.”
“Can’t hold it in?” she asks. She arches, stretching her belly tight, thrusting up her  tits. “Is it too much seeing wifey like this?” His strong spurts streak her belly and breasts.
“Yes,” he groans, beaten. He withdraws his fingers from her pussy.

He falls to his back. “You’re a bad girl.”
“You have no idea.”
She knows he’s not done with her, he’ll wake up hard, but she’ll be ready.

She sits up!

She smells cinnamon.

‘Yes,’ they say, with excited fingers to their lips, ‘be quiet!’ Their chins are hardly higher than the mattress.  They’re dressed in green, red and trimmed with gold.  Their pointed hats are green. Their cheeks are merry and red. One of them gestures, ‘Lie down.’  She does. Her belly is feathery light.  She glances at her husband but he sleeps. The elves move quickly, moving  to the sides of the bed.

They hum.  They sing to themselves and smile.

Two elvish women, in green skirts, carefully pull down the covers of the bed.  Her husband snores.  She worries but he doesn’t wake. One of the elves is carries a leather, ermine trimmed bag over his shoulder.  He jumps up onto the bed, at her feet, and gestures. She spreads her legs. He steps between them, gently puts down the bag, and digs through it.

She bites her lip.

He pulls out a long and thick candy cane. He steps over her, straddling her waist.  He opens his mouth wide, showing her. She hesitantly opens hers. He nods and smiles. ‘More!’ When she opens wider he bends and presses the end of the candy cane between her lips, opening them wider.  She moans. He presses until the length lodges against the back of her throat. Her eyes widen. She instinctively begins to suck and lick. ‘Good girl!’ he says with a pat on her head. She begins to swallow the candied sweetness.

Her  stomach flutters.

Elves on either side turn her over, then up to her hands and knees.

The elf that had put the candy cane in her mouth digs a red ribbon out of his pouch. He pulls the velvet end of it across the flat of her belly then over her back, tying it with a bow.  ‘Perfect!’ he all but says with a wink. He gestures impatiently to the elves behind her. Then her eyes widen as she feels a round pressure press against her anus. ‘What?’

The pressure builds.

She pants. The juicy sweetness of the candy cane drips down her chin. She grunts as her muscles abruptly surrender.  She lowers her chin to the mattress.  So deep!  She arches, accepting the thing.  Her eyes widen again! The hook end of the candy, already in her ass, opens and firmly slides into her pussy! She groans aloud. Her fingers knot in the mattress. Her belly contracts sharply, pierced from behind in both places.

She’s limp.

Another elf opens two little boxes and draws out two tiny bricks of coal attached to ribbons.
She quickly ties them to her pierced nipples. And then, something else is attached to her clit! – a ring! – a little silver bell!

Her pussy drips.

She turns her head to the side, resting on her cheek. Another elf is tying a red ribbon around her husband’s hard-on!  He stirs, stretching, but he doesn’t wake.

She wakes to the smell of spruce.

Her head is under the lowest branches of the Christmas tree but she’s not uncomfortable.  Couch pillows are  piled under her belly, lifting her sex upward.  Her cheek and knees rest on floor pillows.  Something is holding her knees apart — a spreader bar.

Her wrists are tied to the trunk of the Christmas tree by a gold ribbon.

Where is he?  Is he going to sleep all morning?  Then she hears him.  She hears his footsteps on the stairs.  She hears him but can’t turn.  She grunts, groans and squeals when she hears his footsteps behind her.

“Baby?” he asks.
She groans.
“Merry. Fucking. Christmas!”
She squeals.
“Oh baby!”
She grunts and twists.
“This is the best Christmas Present ever!”

He’s kneeling behind her. He unties the velvet ribbon around her belly and the bow at her pussy. Soft velvety slides over her skin. Then he’s slowly pulling the candy cane out of her ass and pussy.  So slow!  “Baby,” he says,  “I can’t wait to hear how you pulled this off, but first. I’ve got a present for you – all ready to be unwrapped.”


Her eyes flutter as his cock fills her womb.  He sinks in slowly. The red ribbon, still tied around the base of his cock, presses against her clit. ‘O, Jesus!’And he’s deep.

His hands tighten on her hips.  “Ready to unwrap it, Baby?” Then he’s fucking her.  Her eyes roll.  The little coal bricks swing from her nipples,  sending little jolts to her groin. The ribbon round his cock tickles the folds of her pussy. She’s going to come.  The silver bell attached to her clit jingles in time with his thrusts. All the while, thumbnail sized pine cones and a shower of pine needles criss-cross her back and the pillows.  She’s being fucked hard, doggy style on Christmas morning.


Her belly clamps down on his thrusts.  Outside and next door she hears the distant voices of her neighbor’s children playing in the morning’s snow. Her own family begins to stir in her taut belly, right under the Christmas tree.  She feels a preliminary squirt inside her.  Her eyes roll, her toes spread and curl.  Her feet arch.

“I’m unwrapping your present, baby,” her husband moans. “The gift that keeps on giving!”

She moans in response.

“Now be a good girl,” he says, “and say thank you.”

She grunts.  A glass ornament slips off the shaking tree and pops on the hard wood floor.  She feel another, stronger spasm, then the involuntarily tightening in her abdomen. She pants. She arches. Then her body says thank you again and again as her husband fills her upturned womb with thick spurts.  The silver bell on her clit jingles with each of her spasms.

‘Jesus, it feels good.’

Her husband’s weight is on her back. He pulls the candy cane out of her mouth. “I can’t wait to hear you how got yourself in this little fix.”

“You’ll never believe me,” she smiles.

“What do you think of my present?”

“Just one present?” She pushes back against him.  “That’s all I get?”

:Will Crimson
December 24, 2009

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  1. Squeaky

    Will, i’ve adored this one since the first time I read it. Something about the image if her under the Christmas tree, all tied and decorated like that…well…file it under “Things That Make Me Go ‘uuuhhhmmm *twitch*’ ” ;o)

    Little aside, though – it needs a proofread-and-fettle… it’s got quite a few typos.

  2. paul1510

    Will,another great Christmas tale, and what a tail, that is something I would love to wake up to on a Christmas, or indeed any morning.
    Wonderful stuff, thanks,

  3. Marie

    The image was certainly a nice touch. Good find. The description of the elves preparing her for the husband was a turn on, but the Santa moment was a bit creepy to me.

  4. The Waiting Patient

    That’s so fun with just the elves! I know a few guy friends (not mine to play with, sadly) who’d love to come into posession of a woman who’s all tied up in a bow for them, but I’ve always wondered how one would set the scene up properly to begin with. Elves is the perfect answer!

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