Daydreams & Distractions ☼ The Hammer & the Bell

The Hammer & the Bell
A Daydream and Distraction by Redbud

I think I dream or hope I do –
The Devil holds me down.
Says he, “Welcome to my Carnival!
‘I knew you’d come around!’

I wear a top and mini-skirt.
‘Keep them on, my dear!
‘I only need your panties down
‘Now that I’ve got you here!’

The Devil, oh, the Devil’s skin
Is candy-apple red.
He pokes me with the tip of his tail.
‘I’ll teach your legs to spread!’

He pokes me here and pokes me there.
‘I won’t! I won’t!’ I say.
The Devil, oh, the Devil’s tricks!
Holy Fathers pray,
But there’s no prayer to save the girl
Who’s seen the Devil’s prick!

Between her legs to the tip of her tongue
The devil’s prick will go.
‘Tonight,’ says he, ‘tonight’s the show!
‘That’s all you need to know.’

He spreads my legs as wide as they’ll go
And hoists me with a spell.
The Devil cries, ‘Come one! Come all! –
‘Ring a girl’s bell!’

‘A boy! A boy!’ the Devil cries.
Oh, did I, did I tell?
The Devil’s bell is between my legs! –
A tiny little bell!

The Devil hoists me high as I’ll go
To the very top of the pole
And the boys and the men come one by one
To gamble for my soul.

They swing their hammers hard but, oh,
The striker will not rise.
Each boy and each man’s prick just misses
The devil’s little prize.

‘Swing!’ cries he, ‘and swing again!’
‘Make her little bell ring.’
‘Tonight,’ says he, ‘I’ll double the prize.
‘For the one who makes her sing.’

No! I cry. No! Not that!
But, oh, what could I do?
Lust is a liquor and I’d drunk to the dregs.
I’d drunk the Devil’s brew.
I tried to close my legs, I tried! –
But boys know what to do.

The Devil gave the hammer to you.
‘Have another go!’
You gave him your dime and you looked at me
And swung a final blow.

Your back was a sugary dew of sweat;
You swung the hammer high.
Your arms were coils and your thighs were springs;
You looked me straight in the eye.

I knew before the Devil knew,
What my fate would be.
Down went your hammer and up went your prick!
Straight! – Straight into me!

The boys, the men, and the Devil crowed
To hear my little bell ring!
You pierced me straight to the tip of my tongue
And all I could do was sing!

The Devil said his work was done;
Ours had just begun.
Oh, then you knew the price to be paid,
But look at what you won!

My belly still rings with the heft your prick –
The wage of one night’s sin.
The Devil’s game ensnares us all
But look at what we win!

December 17 2011William Crimson

Latest Comments

  1. paul1510 says:

    very nice, very nice indeed.

  2. ximenawrites says:

    Powerless, she watches as boys and men pay their shiny dimes for a chance to ring her little bell. It’s not even a privilege… just a prize to be won. After the deed is done, does the Devil give her all the dimes paid out to him by the eager men just so she’ll know exactly how much she’s worth?

    He is incredibly cruel, after all.

    The feminist lodged deep inside myself might’ve groused at the idea, but then I thought to myself “Would a big ol’ line of women pay for the opportunity to have a beautiful young man piss cum over their upturned faces? Would it be common practice?”

    Crazy bachelorette parties aside, most women prefer to let men crawl all over each other for their charms than the other way ’round. Vanity’s the Devil’s favorite sin.

    Women manage to top from the bottom, even from the top of a carnival game… therefore, there’s nothing to be angry over.

    Fantastic poem, Will.

    • willcrimson says:

      //Powerless, she watches…//

      Don’t we all, in some ways, feel powerless over the attractions of lust and sex? But was she really? She knew, before the Devil knew, who was going to win that game.

      And don’t all men, in their way, pay a dime to the devil when they flirt with a gal?

      Hopefully, if I wrote it right, the reader will read a sly wink in the narrator’s final lines.

  3. ximenawrites says:

    Don’t we all, in some ways, feel powerless over the attractions of lust and sex?

    Indeed. Even if it’s wrong, the pull can be maddeningly strong. Don’t forget love, though – no matter how impossible, inconvenient, or untimely a certain situation might seem, the heart trumps the mind every time if the feeling is deep enough.

    She knew, before the Devil knew, who was going to win that game.

    You answered my question even though I didn’t ask it outright. So, in the end, the Devil was just the barker. She chose the game she wanted to play, as well as the man who would win it. Well, win her.

    And don’t all men, in their way, pay a dime to the devil when they flirt with a gal?

    And this is where the playing field is leveled.

    If men pay a dime, then we women – regardless of how 'forward thinking' our society might deem itself – still pay a much higher price for being honest and open.

    This is why I love poetry so much – it’s fascinating to see all the different ways a poem can be interpreted… and I get the rare pleasure of having the actual poet discuss his intentions. Good stuff.

  4. AtALoss says:


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