Lighter, cooler, sweeter fare. Haiku/senryu with a singular theme. –M

You are like my own
chocolate chip cookie dough
utterly sinful


Sherbet and custard
not quite ice cream as going
down is not quite sex


You start cold but sweet
I’m melting you with my tongue
savoring your taste


Coils of soft-serve
piled high on my cone
plunge my tongue in


Your too-slow licks let
drips melt down fingers and chin
I will clean you up


Too much? Never!
Like a pint in one sitting
I’ll eat you whole

Latest Comments

  1. paul1510 says:

    this is delightful, my favourite is Phish Food, at least it’s not vanilla. LOL

  2. vanillamom says:

    oh Monocle….

    my two favoritest things in the world….combined….sex and ice cream, ice cream and sex….

    mnmnmnmnmnnom nom !!!!

    love the very last one, pulling them all together so nicely!


  3. littlemonkey says:

    Words to savor long
    Your poetry on my tongue
    I love your Haiku

  4. Mystique says:

    My upper lips moisten with the want for ice cream now ;_;
    (While my lower lips almost moisten for something else I also can’t have)

    The agony~~~~

  5. Rock_117 says:

    Oh hellz yea! Chocolate chip cookie dough is my all time favorite!

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