The Following Ghost

Not quite erotica, but a little sort-of-poetry-story about the durability of desire, for good or ill. Inspired and most of it tweeted after a discussion about ghosts last year, and came around as I was setting up Microlensing posts for the coming weeks, but fits better here after some tweaking.   –M

The problem with being a ghost
is that you forget things.
I follow her
from place to place,
but I don’t know why.

What was I to her?
Brother? Friend? Lover?
Ah, that last one
If I still had bones
I’d feel it there.

I stay by her because…
because I miss her
because she misses me
because we won’t, can’t
let each other go.

She turns to me
to the shadows
where I am and am not.
She remembers
and so I remember.

She calls for me
and turns away.
I reach for her
almost touching
if only I were.

She recedes
I follow
chasing the scent-memory of skin
and something else
I can’t quite recall.

Latest Comments

  1. Jim Thomas says:

    Hi Monocle,

    I can really get my mind around this poem of unrealized desires even though my reasoning is totally different. I read this work and I am transported to a different city loving a woman I rarely see and will never probably have the comfort of making love to her and then the thrill of just plain old raw sex, which is never just plain.

    We clandestinely write emails to each other as often as we can have alone time to write.

    It is just like you write for each of us. We both know we are there or here! We can never touch each other like we want.

    My scent-memory of her is her smile in my memory from the few times we have met for lunch.

    Your words are unerringly calling to me. I am almost breathless at their effect on my mind.

    Thank you! I have never been able to express how I feel adequately and these words come the closest yet!


  2. Remittance Girl says:

    This breaks my heart. You need to write the story of it, Raz.

  3. paul1510 says:

    this is very sad.
    I agree with RG, there is more here than meets the eye.

  4. Liz says:

    So pretty and sad, I like it very much. Thank you.

  5. vanillamom says:

    i remember this…or one very like this? if you’ll pardon the pun, it’s haunting. Funny you should post it, as i started a story last week about a ghost lover. I work on it in fits and starts as things come to me…

    nice and tight now, not one word too many or few.

    and i know this will continue to dance at the edge of my memory…not fully remembered, not fully forgotten.


    • Monocle says:

      I’ve made a few ghosty pieces, but none exactly like this. And frankly this one, coming back to read it tugs at me, too. I may indeed try to dig into it for something more.

  6. JDB says:

    Oh, this is lovely. Loss, and loss of not only one’s love, but of one’s memories of love…that is a special kind of torment.

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. AtALoss says:

    Deliciously morose. It does beg to have the rest told, but I’m enjoying imagining the various senarios leading to and from this brief moment.

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