• Resolute

    “Another please.” Her unaccented contralto made one of the regulars look up from his dollar shot. She didn’t look back. Her eyes burned, but she didn’t want to ruin her makeup by crying.  She laughed softly at her own pointless vanity. Who gave a damn in this shit hole? The cheap fake wood grain walls… Continue Reading

  • Anything For Love

    “Damn good shinny.” I poured another glass of champagne. She smiled at me as she ran her fingers through his prematurely salt and pepper hair. He wiggled with the pleasure of her touch, but his insolent brown eyes didn’t leave mine. I drained the champagne. “So, are we still going to do this?” I directed… Continue Reading

  • Two in the Dark

    Two in the Dark A spin on Ximena’s Erotica by Redbud Don’t read this until you’ve read Ximena’s In the Dark. Hers came first and mine is based on it, almost word for word. I thought it might be fun to write her story from his perspective. I fucking loved Christmas. I couldn’t care less… Continue Reading

  • Red Hot

    ♦ A holiday quickie…short and sweet. -X “Hey you. Long time no see.” She was already in her sleepshirt. Her hair was in a loose bun on top of her head. “Is a couple of days really that long? Been busy, baby.”He gave a cursory smile to the camera and went on with his work.… Continue Reading