Own Your Dark Side

It’s a melodramatic title, but it’s a serious sentiment. Remittance Girl recently posted “Today Is Fantasy Pride Day” in which she sought to find out how many of her readers have sexual fantasies that include non-consensual elements. She also challenged her readers to share such fantasies of their own in comments. I will admit to being curious about our readers as well. I know Will has asked similar questions in the past, but this one is more focused. I also strongly encourage you to visit RG’s site, look at her poll, and her recent series of posts about non-consent and other taboo issues in erotica, and, especially if you answer is ‘yes’, share with her your own fantasies. Sure you can do it here too, anonymous if you like. As she says, writing it out is one way of getting rid of embarrassment or shame about such a transgressive fantasy. I’ll add, from my perspective, it’s one way of coming to own it, and to own who you truly are, through and through, twists and all. Or, blog on your own and share with us all.

Voting in the poll, or posting a story are not limited to today. We’re interested in your thoughts any time.

The poll is here: 

If the embedded script doesn’t work on your browser please go HERE.

The ‘rules’ for writing your own, for this challenge, here or any were else, are a direct copy from RG:

  • The fantasy must contain some element of non-consent.
  • It must be a fantasy – i.e. you dreamed it up  yourself and it’s erotic to you.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re not a writer or you’re not very good with words.
  • This isn’t about writing prowess, it’s about celebrating your sexual imagination.
  • It doesn’t matter what gender or sexual orientation you are.
  • It doesn’t matter if, in the fantasy, you are the ‘victim’ or the ‘perpetrator’ or both! Because if it’s your fantasy, you’re inventing both anyway. It’s all really you.
  • You don’t have to identify yourself in any way if you don’t want to.
  • It doesn’t matter how weird or raunchy it is.
  • This is fantasy. Remember you’re the author of of it. You control the elements of it.
  • Please don’t comment negatively about someone else’s fantasy. You’re welcome to say it’s hot, but if you criticize someone else’s fantasy, I’m not going to post that comment. This is just about letting it out, not being critical.
  • Please remember that, if you might be offended by these fantasies, you’re a grown up – choose not to read further.

Latest Comments

  1. Monocle says:

    In the interests of put-up-or-shut-up, I contributed my own piece on RG’s site. It’s one of my Nightmares and Visions. It’s the third comment on her post, but I’ll repeat it here. I’d like to think my writing has come a ways since then. But this is wank material. Almost all of the N&Vs are non-con, and every single one of them passed the wank test at least once. -M

    Edit: The story here has been moved behind the Obsidian Lens password as a separate post. It’s still up on RG’s site, though. Yeah, I’m a strange duck, sometimes.

    • Eva St. James says:

      Monocle, any non-com stuff written from a male POV? Hmmmm. . . . .

    • willcrimson says:

      Hi Eva, you asked Monocle, I know, but would you consider my stories “Forced Orgasm” or She Reads Erotica to fall somewhere in that realm?

    • Monocle says:

      Eva, That is in fact something I’m working on now. I’ve come a lot closer in my writing on this blog, but mostly only to the edge .Uncoiling is one of those. In the last two years I’ve done most of my writing from the male POV, and since that’s a change from most of the decade before, there’s a lot of exploration to be done.

    • willcrimson says:

      Interesting, I interpreted her as asking whether you had ever written non-con from the male POV where the woman is the aggressor. If that’s what she meant, then Uncoiling wouldn’t fit that.

    • Eva St. James says:

      That is what I meant. I think it would be interesting to think about. I have never written smut from a male POV, never thought I could get myself into a male mindset, sexually. I think it would be difficult to deal with the mechanics of it, i.e. how can a man be fucked without an erection, how can he get an erection without being aroused, how can he be aroused if he is only scared and being violated. But also the mindset, I don’t know the thought process of a man, who in most sexual situations is the aggressor, how would his mind react to having someone else’s desires forced upon him? And as non-com sex, according to the experts, is not about sex, then what is it about, and how would that differ if a woman was in fact the aggressor?
      Sheesh, I sound like a psych professor from a community college, but you get my drift.

    • Eva St. James says:

      Uncoiling was so good! Would bear reposting, IMHO, I couldn’t find it on The Erotic Writer.

    • willcrimson says:

      Not to be the nattering go-between, but Uncoiling is
      . ;-)

    • Monocle says:

      I think you ask a number of reasonable questions, Eva, however, non-con in erotic fiction, in any combination, very rarely resembles true rape, which is a violent, monstrous crime. Eroticized non-con is many other things besides that, and therefore, for example, forcing an erection in an unwilling male is not actually impossible to do.

      My story Thievery, while not male POV, does contain the unwilling use of a male.

      And, just for completenes, Uncoiling is here.

  2. willcrimson says:

    Interesting stuff. The only truly non-con stuff I’ve written is Pro-Life Hitman.

    When I wrote the sequel, my heart wasn’t in it. My sense of reality often interferes too much with anything enjoyable in (the writing of) true non-consensual/rape fantasy. Is there a difference between rape and non-consensual? When reading non-consensual fantasies the women (or men) never cry rape. At some level the characters are really the alter-egos of the characters “raping” them and, in that sense, there’s an element of consent, but there’s also a sense that the characters are not so much “human” as two dimensional sexual objects. If not, the stories would be horrific. But that’s only my perspective as a writer. As a writer, I’ve found that I enjoy portraying persuasive and realistic characters.

    • The Waiting Patient says:

      Will, I just had to jump on this comment. Your persuasive and realistic characters, the fact that they’re every shade of grey, is what keeps me coming back to this site. Your erotica is the only sort that gets me in beyond the mechanical, and keeps me there. I think the fact that you can understand those shades to non-con fantasies is awesome (although, for the record, Pro-Life Hitman is still a favourite). Thanks so much for doing what you do so well! You’re one of a kind, and it’s a very literate, very dangerous and oh, so sexy kind!

    • willcrimson says:

      Hey WP, thanks so much for your comment. You’re just the kind of reader I imagine writing for. I’ll try to keep it real. :-)

  3. willcrimson says:

    Oh, I almost forgot.

    Maybe the most successful non-consensual story I’ve written (to me) might be ACME Polling Company. Even there, there was an element of the consensual.

    It begins:

    “So it’s been a while…” says a man’s voice.

    You struggle with him but…

    You’re a woman. Don’t you know better?

    There’s a reason men are stronger than you. It’s time you learned why.

    Your hands are easily forced behind your back and tied sharply at the wrists. You try to turn but your feet are kicked apart by the man behind you. “That’s better,” he says “You look so much better.” Then he blindfolds you. You try to pull your legs together but a searing thwack on your ass makes you inhale sharply and arch against the wall. Your eyes flutter. Then you exhale – high pitched, shuddering. Just the kind of little cry we like.

    Did I mention there’s an O-Ring in your mouth?

    “Now hold still,” says the man behind you.

    You do. You’re shaking, but is it fear? Or is there something else fluttering in your belly? You’ll be damned if you admit it. You hear papers being lifted like sheets on a notepad.

    “Arch your back,” says the voice.

    You don’t. Then you scream when another red hot thwack produces the desired results. You arch. Hard. You shove your nipples against the cold wall, you open your damned legs, and you show the men behind you your pussy.

    “A girl does that so well and there’s a reason,” says the man behind you. “So you can be fucked from behind.” So… did I mention that they caught you wearing a T-Shirt and your favorite cotton panties? How girlish. That’s OK. We like that. And we love your raspy little breath.

      Read more…

    • Eva St. James says:

      Will, don’t be a tease, where’s the rest of this piece?

    • willcrimson says:

      Sorry Eva, I just added links in the original comment. Just reload the page and you should see them. :-)

      Edit Strange, but I’m noticing that links don’t show up as links unless one hovers over them. I provided a link to Monocle’s story, Uncoiling. Just hover over the word ‘here’ (in the comment above).

  4. Eva St. James says:

    Wow, Will. Wow. I don’t know what I think of this. Wow.

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