• #Shadow

    This is the first time I’ve written in response to a prompt for #anything, but this is for #wankwednesday. I hope this is a good start. – X She stooped suddenly to tie the ribbon at her ankle, and he bumped into her. He was so hard she yipped before looking behind her. His face… Continue Reading

  • Shadows

    Shadows has been taken down from the blog, because was accepted for Publication in “Dirty Little Numbers” by Go Deeper Press. Go Deeper Press Come read Monocle’s flash, “Shadows”, in Dirty Little NumbersEdited by Lana Fox and Angela Tavares, Go Deeper Press (October 2013) This collection of super-short erotic stories features dozens of talented authors. From the… Continue Reading

  • Him

    I’ve  seen his heart, and I love it. I love him, but I have not loved him. Not carnally. His body is a mystery to me, but I’ve let my imagination draw a detailed map of it. The taste. The smell. The feel. Until this point, it has been enough to satisfy me. We’re friends,… Continue Reading

  • Storm Breaking

    These were all separate entries in Microlensing, but thematically work well enough together, with a little word smithing. -M   Storm Breaking Heavy air laden before storm I breathe deep Torrential downpour tempest days in the making you break over me. Fuck in lashing rain screaming into the thunder drenched, inside and out. Your ecstatic… Continue Reading