Dragon (Photo Quickie)

100 words over the thousand told by the picture.  –M

I didn’t know, when I was falling in love with her, that she was a dragon. Perhaps her penchant for riddles and treasures would have been a hint. Or the way she could look at you, and find your greatest weakness and darkest desire with a few innocent questions. And exploit the one while fulfilling the other. As she did to me, freezing me brittle with her words, shattering me with the heat of her body.

But I wonder. Had I known, would I have chosen any different?

No. I think not.

Now I must go.

She calls me again.

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I am the little devil on your shoulder, stroking your neck with my tail, whispering obscenities into your ear, and looking down your blouse. One third of The Erotic Writer blog.


  1. oldwyseguy

    This is very short story is amazing to me. I have been reading mostly erotica for a while. The events of the time making even my favorite writers uninterestingly close to reality of the day.

    Dragon takes a great story line and makes it even better as I have been most aroused by characters that have encountered strangers either in their work or in life and have an immediate intense desire to fuck. One or both either plan the event, just act spontaneously, or sensing the others desire or an openness to the opportunity one person approaches the other and takes the other without asking. These have been the most exciting and erotic.

    Dragon adds a new dimension to the non-human story I have not exactly encountered but adds a new level of excitement for me. It adds the consenting partner who is consenting because his mind is controlled to be consenting and attracted to the female dragon he finds attractive and alluring. there really is no consent of the human man but there is an intense desire to continue with no inner most rebellion of the mind as I chose to read. This becomes apparent in the last two sentences and that he does not object to the spell.

    All within 100 words, this is amazingly hot!

    This is the first story I have read or yours. I would like the password to read more of your non-con in the password protected blog.

    • Monocle

      Thank you, oldwyseguy. One of the things I like about the really short pieces is that different people can build entirely different worlds out of them. Was he simply captured by a spell, or did he choose to be seduced? Is he helpless, or is he just letting himself fall as an act of will?

  2. dragonpurrpurr

    I’ve been missing your writing for nearly a year. It was nice to pop in. I chose this one because of the title… I’ll have to come back another day and read some more. I think some combinations of words slip into our minds and leave tiny bits of themselves behind. I will have to revisit this piece again.

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