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No Fooling

“You’re not fooling me, Reed.”

“What, I pretended to want you? Faked fucking you? Impersonated orgasm?” He tried to make it a joke.

“No, and you do us both a disservice evading like that.”

“Inez…” A new edge tinged his voice “You don’t know what you’re saying.”

“Don’t I? You think you’re the only one? You think that rare coins only have one side?”

“I didn’t make _you_ scream? This isn’t your sweat? Your cum?”

An ungentle finger swiped at my brow and cunt. He sniffed at it, an exaggerated animal impression, before licking it clean with his broad tongue.

“Of course you did. And you couldn’t tell I wanted more?” He looked at me, I bet most women would’ve sensed no hesitation at all.



He stiffened, arm tensing.

“You want to slap me for that, don’t you.”


“And you don’t because…”

He scowled. I imagined, and recognized, his internal struggle. He forced the next words out through gritted teeth.

“It’s true. It’s true. Sure, I saw, felt you wanted more. You think you do.”

“Patronizing? Or trying to scare me off?”

“Fuck you. You think you know, Inez. I promise you don’t.”

“Why? Did Jean not know? Did you hide from her when she was alive?”

“Inez, you want to leave now. Jean- Jean and I is none of your business.”

“No. You tell me. You fucking tell me. You married her. You lived with her 15 years. Did she know who you were?”

“Yes. She did.” His voice was flat, dead.



“And did you show her everything? Did she want that?”

He just glared at me and nodded. He was shaking now. Perhaps with rage. Perhaps with something else.

“Does Jean have to be so unique? Does she have to be the only one who ever felt that need?”

He snorted.

“No, of course not.”


He looked at me, eyes dark.

“So. You want me to tell you how I want to bend and break you? You want me to describe how I’m going to use you and twist you and turn you into my thing.”


He snorted, again, his expectation confirmed.

“I want you to do those things, not tell me about them.”

That stopped him.

“No, Inez. You don’t. You should go.”

“Bastard. You think you’re the only one!”

I surprised myself. Almost before I knew it, my hand flashed around and smacked his cheek. Hard enough to sting me.

I surprised him, too. Adrenaline surged through me.

“Do you have any idea how hard you were to find? Any fucking idea at all?”

I was yelling. I ignored the hot tear on my cheek and whipped my other hand around, hard as I could. He caught my wrist in his hand, hard as iron.

“Go, Inez. Go now.”

“No, Reed. See it. See me. You have what I need. I have what you need. Show me.”

The grip on my wrist was painful, but when his other hand slowly settled around my neck, all I could do was moan.

Reed took a deep breath, and kissed me. Tenderly. Absolution and entreaty at the same time.

Then we began.


I’m sick and tired of not having written. I forced this out. Wrote it almost with my eyes closed. Hope  it’s Ok. -M

About Monocle

I am the little devil on your shoulder, stroking your neck with my tail, whispering obscenities into your ear, and looking down your blouse. One third of The Erotic Writer blog.

10 comments on “No Fooling

  1. trixipixie
    October 23, 2011

    Thank you… Love it!

  2. willcrimson
    October 23, 2011

    Good to read something of yours, Monocle.

    I like the rawness of this. It’s spare. Direct. I like it.

  3. Angel
    October 23, 2011

    It’s beautiful!

  4. AspiringWordsmith
    October 23, 2011

    Hah, I’ve had an argument like this before. Maybe if I’d slapped him it would’ve ended more sexily. :P
    Nice enduring tension in the piece–makes the end line feel like release.

  5. ximenawrites
    October 23, 2011

    After such a long time of going without, I’m left curious to know exactly what he was so reluctant to show her.

    Her eagerness to bring it out of him could actually be off-putting to certain Doms, and that’s what made her so fascinating to me.

  6. Monocle
    October 23, 2011

    Thanks, all. It’s been too damn long, and I hope to be able to get some writing momentum off this.

    Ximena, It’s one of those questions that’d be hard to answer. I’ve been thinking about how a pairings like this actually can find each other and make it. How many false starts? How many crossed lines, or self delusions make a match fail, and fail damagingly.

    Perhaps now that I’ve gotten some angst out of the way, I can write some fucking, too. Even angsty fucking would be fine.

  7. Paul
    October 24, 2011

    this is excellent, just the skeleton of a story, but elegant. :D

  8. Squeaky
    October 24, 2011

    …ok…? Yeah. I’d say it was ok. ;)
    Nice to have you back, Raz. Here’s to momentum. *raises mug*

  9. vanillamom
    October 31, 2011

    yes…better than okay.

    it left me wanting….i felt (and have felt) her almost pathetic need…to be wanted that way…to be *used* that way?

    this was hard, rough…yet ….yes Monocle, it was better than “okay”;….and now I’m, like Inez…….

    i want more.

  10. Anonymous
    November 1, 2011

    I love negotiation scenes almost as much as sex and this certainly satisfied.

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